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5 DIY Weight Loss Tea

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5 DIY Weight Loss Tea

Losing weight is a hot topic nowadays. Most importantly, summer is already in the corner. You can not hide your body under thick sweater anymore. For people who need to lose weight, drinking tea is the best way to lose weight, because tea itself will not cause harm to human body.

But some people are not suitable for drinking tea, please check our latest article to see if you can drink tea. Here are 6 weight loss tea which you can just finish at your home if you have a tea cup.



1. Rose Honey Jujube Tea


5 California dates 

A small rub of pink rose (preferably buy mashed rose)



Prepare 500-600 CC of water and put the dates and pink roses in it; put them on the stove and heat them until they are extinguished.



Rose, with the function of soothing liver and relieving depression, can protect liver, promote metabolism, and remove fat effectively (but the oil it removes is only the oil of intestine and stomach, not the subcutaneous fat that already exists). Honey jujube can provide cellulose. If you drink for a long time, you can clear your stool and maintain normal metabolism. Of course, you can make your skin look delicate, and it is not easy to accumulate fat in your body, so you can lose weight. Although roses have the effect of degreasing, do not add too much rose at one time, or there will be abdominal pain, and watery diarrhea.

Initially, you can drink one cup a day, and use it every day. When the night shifts are cleared, you can lengthen the interval and drink once or twice a week.



2.Hawthorn Green Tea


6g green tea powder

25g Hawthorn


Boil the above materials in 3 bowls of water for about 5 minutes. Drink after three meals. Add boiling water to brew and then continue to drink.



It can eliminate vegetable oil and is also effective in dispersing blood stasis.



3. Cassia Seed Fried Hawthorn Slimming Tea


10g cassia seed

5g fried Hawthorn

2g orange peel

1~2 leaves licorice


Add 500ml water and boil the mixture together. Then boil for three minutes on a small fire. Immediately pour it out, so as not to be absorbed by the residue. Divide it into three parts, one part a day. If you have diarrhea, you can take it every other day. Please note that do not add any sugar in it.



4. Green Tea Lotus Leaf Tea


2g green tea powder

75g lotus leaf


Brew them with boiling water.


It is good for people who have mouth parched and tongue scorched, are easy to grow whelk, and are obesity.



5. Effluent Thin Leg Tea


3g verbena

3g rosemary

3g Lemongrass


Three kinds of herbal tea are brewed with hot boiling water and can be drunk in about 2 to 3 minutes. In a kettle or large teacup, keep blistering until diluted. It can be seasoned with honey. Eight cups of continuous water has the best effect, and you can add or subtract the amount of continuous water according to your personal situation.


Get a tea cup and start to make weight loss tea now! 

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