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Drink Cold or Warm Water, Which is The Best for Your Health?

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Drink cold or warm water, what is best for your health?

You may be someone who likes to take warm water with a slice of lemon a day especially in the early morning, or who are used to taking cold water even in the winter. There are some ideas that you like about water in general, and on the basis of which you choose to drink it cool or warm, so you have to know the truth of the matter, whichever is better for you.


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Preferably, take a insulated cup  of warm water in the morning, to stimulate the movement of the intestine, as hot water helps to relax the blood vessels and the digestive tract and thus stimulate digestion. Taking a cup of lukewarm water keeps the body balanced and promotes the body's persistence by applying all its functions.


The stability of the human body temperature at about 37 ° C during most of the day is beneficial to chemical reactions in the body that rely on enzymes called enzymes Which is about 37 degrees Celsius. Other organisms have different temperatures than humans, since the enzymes and chemical reactions inside their bodies work with different heat. Protecting warm water from hardening of fatty substances in the body stimulates digestion. The baby is advised not to drink too much warm water during food because it increases the amount of acids in the stomach. Drinking cold or iced water helps to lose weight more effectively than hot water. This is because the body adjusts its temperature immediately after it receives any fluids or nutrients, leading to a higher calorie burning rate, greater excretion of sweat, More water for fluid recovery.


Drinking hot water on a hot day relieves the body of toxins due to increased sweating, leading to the release of toxins out of the body and purification of the bloodstream. After physical exertion you should drink cold water because it helps to cool the body more effectively than warm water. It is preferable to take cold water to clean the urinary tract and expel the infections, and can be added to the lemon in the form of boiled pieces or natural juice, which can help to reduce these infections.

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