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How to Use Vacuum Cup Cleverly?

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How to Use Vacuum cup Cleverly?

The vacuum cup is a common household item, which is indispensable for both home and travel. Do you know the different uses of vacuum cups in life?


1. Bring Hot Water

Chinese people are deeply obsessed with drinking hot water, because drinking hot water is very helpful to human body. Drinking hot water when we are weak can help us warm our stomach and reduce our discomfort. Drinking more hot water is helpful to improve our metabolism and physical fitness. With a vacuum cup, we can drink hot water anytime and anywhere.


2. Bring Cold Drinks

Sometimes we want to drink cold drinks in summer. But in high temperatures, cold drinks quickly heat up. We could consider putting cold drinks in vacuum cups. Because vacuum cups not only keep calories, but also keep cold drinks cool. This method is conducive to solving the phenomenon of summer heatstroke.


3. Braised Porridge

It's very convenient to cook porridge in a vacuum cup. For example, we can soak the millet one day in advance, then preheat it with hot water in the vacuum cup, add the boiled water just boiled, and then pour the millet into the cup for a night, then we can drink the sweet and delicious millet porridge. It's very convenient.


4. Relieve Dysmenorrhea

Many girls have problems with dysmenorrhea. During the period of menstruation, they feel very painful all day. The stomach pain is very serious. It is very helpful to carry some hot water in the vacuum cup. Drinking some hot water at any time will help relieve the pain and help us to survive the dysmenorrhea period. In addition, you can also carry some hot brown sugar water in the vacuum cup, or brown sugar ginger tea, to help relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea.


However, the thermal insulation effect of the vacuum cup will be reduced after a period of use. Although we can't use it to drink hot water, it has other uses. Putting it at home saves a lot of trouble.


5. Store condiments

When we cook, we often use spices like anise and pepper, which can add color to food, but if they are not well preserved, they are easily damp and mildewed. The vacuum cup can not keep warm, but its sealing and moisture resistance is very good. The condiment can be stored in it for a long time, and it is also convenient to use.


6. Cultivating Flowers and Grasses

If the vacuum cup looks very beautiful, it can be used as a vase to grow flowers and plants. Pour appropriate amount of water into the cup, and then put some easy-to-survive green plants, such as: green radish, put it in front of the window, which can add a touch of greenness to the home.


7. Inclusion tool

What about some small tools at home without a receipt box? At this time, we can put these small tools into the damaged vacuum cup. Not only can they be well received, but also can prevent the tools from rusting.


Through analysis, I believe that you know how to use vacuum cup cleverly.

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