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3 Benefits of Drinking Water with Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

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3 Benefits of Drinking Water

People can not live without water. Every day we need to drink water from water bottles like stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle. Now many people are paying attention to the amounts of drinking water as it advocates that drinking more water is good for your health. But do you know all the benefits of drinking water with double insulated stainless steel water bottle ? Well, you are in luck, in today’s article, I will introduce the benefits and bad habits of drinking water.

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The Benefits of Drinking Water

1. It promotes defecation

Constipation has troubled a lot of people. Constipation can be summed up as a simple reason for two points, one is that there is no water in overnight shits, the other is there no excretion of intestinal organs. To solve the first problem, we need to find out the cause of the disease, drink more water with wellness double wall stainless steel bottle every day, while the temporary prescription for the second problem is to take a few big gulps of water swallow it quickly. This quick drinking acts enable water to reach the colon as soon as possible, to stimulate the peristalsis of the intestinal tract and to promote defecation.


2. It helps with weight loss

The body needs enough water for its metabolism to go on smoothly. Many chemical reactions in the body are carried out with water as the medium. The body needs water for its digestive and endocrine functions, and the toxic substances in its metabolic products also depend on water. Therefore, drinking more water with high quality stainless steel water bottle can ensure adequate water in the body, to avoid gastrointestinal dysfunction. Drinking a glass of water half an hour after a meal strengthens the body's digestion and helps maintain your body shape.


3. It relieves anxiety

Human hormones can be divided into two types, one for pleasure and one for pain. The brain produces endorphins - "happy hormones, " and Adrenaline - "pain hormones, " which spikes when a person is feeling painful or irritable. Epinephrine, like any other toxin produced by the body's metabolism, can be excreted by the body by drinking plenty of water.



stainless water bottle

The Bad Habits of Drinking Water

Drinking water is something that you would do every day. But are you sure that your every-to-do is right? Don't consider drinking water as a small thing. Drinking it wrong can lead to big trouble. So here are some bad habits of drinking water that hope you can avoid.


1. Never clean water fountain

Bottled Water and water dispensers have become so common in homes, offices and public places that it may hasn't occurred to you that the water dispenser you use hasn't "bathed" since it was put there. Water fountain seems to let people drink good quality water, in fact, "secondary pollution" is very serious. Every time you turn on the tap of the water dispenser, you hear the sound of "purring" , and a string of bubbles comes out of the bucket. This means that there is air coming in, and dust and microbes are brought in. Thus, the water dispenser in the office has to be cleaned more frequently because of its frequent use.


2. Drink Bottled Water

As bottled water is easy to carry and drink, bottled water consumption in China is increasing at an annual rate of 30% . However, Dong Jinshi, executive vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that polyester bottles used for bottled water often contain substances that may lead to chronic poisoning in humans, especially when the bottles are exposed to high temperatures. "Many people like to keep a box of bottled water in their car, which is not right. Especially in summer, the temperature in the trunk is very high and it is easy for harmful substances to get into the water, " Dong suggested The best way is to buy a good quality and durable water bottle such as seriously safe stainless steel water bottle with their own water which is safe and environmentally friendly.


Let’s get a stainless steel bottle and drink water every day.

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