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5 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

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5 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothie is a drink between fruit juice and milkshake. It is usually composed of vegetables, fruit and a suitable amount of liquid. It can be stirred into smooth milkshake texture by blender. Green Smoothie minimizes the loss of nutrients and fibers in the processing of vegetables and fruits. It also contains no oil and salt. Green Smoothie is very healthy. Green Smoothie can be used as a substitute for meals or as a health drink supplementing energy. It is necessary for lazy people to wash.



Tools for Green Smoothie

To make Green Smoothie, you need a personal blender and smoothie containers for taking your smoothies out of the house to work or school or travelling such as clear glass water bottles, travel mugs, vacuum bottles or mason jars.



Materials of Green Smoothie

One liquid+ two fruits+ one vegetable(+one nut/seed)

Optional liquids: pure water, yogurt, sugar-free yogurt, Vita coco coconut water, milk, plant milk

Optional vegetables: spinach, lettuce, baby kale, celery

Optional fruit: any fruit

In addition to these basic materials, you can also add Chia seeds and other stuff to enhance the taste.



Green Smoothie Recipes

Spinach+ Mango+ Passion Fruit+ Yoghurt

This match is highly recommended. Super delicious, but it should be noted that do not directly put the passion fruit into the mixer to blender. Firstly blender other stuff then put in the passion fruit, so that not only you can eat the sweet and sour taste of passion fruit, but also can eat the seeds of passion fruit one by one. 


Spinach+ Apple+ Orange+ Coconut Water

Spinach is my most frequently used vegetable, but it doesn't taste weird when it's mixed in green smoothie. I recommend to drink it when you get up in the morning. It's super fresh!


Baby Kale+ Avocado+ Banana+ Blueberry+ Pure Water

Kale tastes a bit bitterer than spinach, but it's not too obvious. Avocado and bananas are really a great match. Avocado is a good choice to increase the taste. Bananas are very natural sweeteners. This combination is very suitable for people who like strong taste.


Cucumber+ Celery+ Raspberry+ Yoghurt

This combination is very suitable for cleaning up the stomach after a big meal and drink. But don not try it if you are not the fan of celery.


Celery+ Carrot+ Apple+ Yoghurt

A person who doesn't like carrots actually likes this combination. It tastes super-smooth and delicious. It's a little like a baby's supplement. I really can't stop drinking it. 



Notices for Making Green Smoothie

Don't think it's good to put all the materials once in blender, but there's something that needs special attention. I like the strong smoothie, so the liquid will not put too much, which will cause sometimes too thick to stir, if stirred at one time, it will be very harmful to the machine.


My suggestion is to mix fruits and liquids first. Fruits will come out of the water during the mixing process, and finally vegetables. In fact, it is no problem to increase the amount of liquids appropriately. Are you considering of buying a portable water bottle for green smoothies?

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