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7 Ways to Boost Your Mood During Dieting

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7 Ways to Boost Your Mood During Dieting

Do you always feel hungry when you go on dieting? Do you feel sad because you can not eat enough? Do you want to know how to change such conditions? Here are some ways to boost your mood during your dieting.


If you are always hungry,

1. Increase the number of eating times

If you are always hungry during the control period of all the food you eat every day, increase the number of times you eat. For example, don't finish breakfast at once, eat half in the morning and half in the morning, and don't finish lunch at once, for example, you can save half of the egg soup and vegetable salad for the afternoon, so that you will not feel hungry all day, and the intake of dinner will be greatly reduced. Better yet, increasing the number of times you eat also keeps your metabolism at a higher level throughout the day, which can burn more fat.


2. Add more cellulose in your food

If you eat an average of 25 grams of cellulose a day, your satiety will increase dramatically. This way you won't feel hungry, and cellulose supplementation can also inhibit your craving for high-calorie junk food. What foods are rich in cellulose? Probably you know the answer, fruits and vegetables, of course. Besides, you can also buy some cellulose beauty related health care products.


3. Chew gum before lunch

This habit can stimulate your mandibular nerve, which is associated with the area of your brain responsible for satiety, so chewing gum before meals can make it easier for you to feel full at lunch, so you won't overeat.


4. Drink water at any time

Replenishing water with a small mouthful at any time can prevent your cells from running out of water. It's easy to confuse thirst and hunger in your brain when the cells are running out of water, leading you to overeat without lack of energy in your body. In addition to drinking water directly, you can also eat more water-rich fruits and vegetables between meals, which can not only replenish cells, but also supplement more nutrients and cellulose. When the body is short of water and thirsty, it is easier to make us hungry. So prepare your own personal water bottle, drink a glass of water before three meals, fill the empty stomach first, eat less food at the same time, but also get double satiety.


5. Work out

The latest research in sports and human sciences in the United States has found that 60 minutes of aerobic exercise can delay participants' appetite by at least an hour. Fitness experts say this is because exercise can inhibit the secretion of hunger hormones in the body. So, set your exercise time according to your meal time, exercise, and extend your satiety period.


If you always feel listless,

Try something new

New research from Virginia Tech University has found that new experiences and things can stimulate the brain's dopamine system to send out surprising signals that not only make your cells more active and energetic, but also stimulate your body to secrete pleasure hormones. Whether it's trying a new dish, participating in a new sport or a new fitness method, or watching a new movie, traveling to a new place they all have the same effect.

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