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Advantages of Glass Cup And Notes for Attention

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Advantages of Glass Cup And Notes for Attention

Glass Cup is recognized as the most fit for healthy drinking water in all cups. It is the best choice for healthy, practical and durable cups no matter drinking water, making tea or using for fruit drinks. At the same time, the cost performance of glass is also very high, very popular with consumers.


Glass Water Cup

The Benefits of Glass Cup


1. Material: the cup body is processed with high-quality high borosilicate crystal glass pipe, with high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy cleaning, healthy and hygienic.


2. Structure: the cup body is designed with double-layer heat insulation, which not only keeps the temperature of water, but also does not scald hands, making it more convenient to drink.


3. Process: it is made by firing at a high temperature of more than 600 ℃, and has strong adaptability to temperature change. The instantaneous temperature difference is -20 ℃-150 ℃, which is not easy to burst.


4. Hygiene: food grade standard, which can hold water, tea and drinks with high temperature of 100 ℃. Resistant to malic acid, no peculiar smell.


5. Leak proof: the outer and inner layer, sealing ring of the cup cover meet the medical level safety standards and are effectively leak proof.


6. Suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, flower tea, fruit tea, etc., with a panoramic view of the soup color, improving the life taste.


Notes for Attention:


1. Before using the glass cup, please wash it with soft cloth and warm water.


2. In order to avoid scratches on the cup body, do not wipe the cup body with rough metal articles.


3. When the glass cup is filled with boiling water, the water level should not be too full, so as not to overflow when making tea.


4. Do not put the glass cup into the microwave oven, sterilization cabinet and other high-temperature appliances for direct heating, so as to avoid deformation of the glass body and affect the use effect.


5. Keep away from children to prevent falling or scalding.

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