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Benefits of Enamel Mugs

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Benefits of Enamel Mugs

What are the benefits of enamel mugs?

Enamel camping mugs are a stylish choice for camping, travel and home drinkware that can be enjoyed for years. They're a great alternative to plastic, environmentally friendly, sturdy enough to pack in a camper and with outdoorsy design styles. Here are some of Yardia's favorite benefits to choosing enamel camping mugs.

Alternative to plastic

Enamel mugs are a great alternative to wasteful plastic travel drinkware. Just as sturdy due to their steel and enamel construction but without the petroleum-based plastic, camp mugs can help you to reduce your plastic consumption and replace those kitchen items with drinkware that's just as practical and with a bit more class and style.

Enamel Mug

Environmentally friendly

Enamel mugs are sturdy and more importantly reusable. They're such an easy and well-designed way to reduce your disposable consumption because of how easy they are to clean and reuse for years to come. Plus if you've moved on from using them in your drinkware collection, there are several creative ways to repurpose enamel camp mugs to become part of your home or garden decoration.

Sturdy enough to pack in a camper

One of the best benefits to using enamel mugs is their increased sturdiness over ceramic mugs. If you drop it on most floors, it won't break because of the steel interior coated with enamel. The worst case I've heard of from one of my customers was some chips in the enamel after they dropped their mug from a distance onto a concrete floor! Pretty great. They ordered a new one for a clean look, but you can also use old chipped enamel mugs for an appropriately rustic effect when car camping.

Outdoorsy themes

Enamel mugs are classically used for camping, and could make a great decoration addition to your RV or vintage trailer. The outdoorsy themes help to bring the camping experience into your drinkware, too. 

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