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Don't Put these Things In The Thermos Cup, It Will Hurt You!

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Don't Put these Things In The Thermos Cup, It Will Hurt You!

The thermal insulation effect of the thermos cup is so good, can it hold all kinds of beverage liquids? There are many kinds of vacuum flasks on the market, but the quality is uneven. Not all liquids are suitable for placing in the vacuum flask, such as the following:


1. Acid drinks (such as plum juice, lemon juice, etc.)


Stainless steel  Cup will not release undesirable substances due to its high melting point due to its high melting point. However, stainless steel is most afraid of strong acids. If it is loaded with a strong acidic drink for a long time, it may cause damage to its inner tank and cause poor insulation.


In addition, fruit juice is not suitable for high-temperature storage to avoid damage to its nutrients; and high-sweetness beverages are likely to cause a large number of microorganisms to grow and deteriorate.


Thermos Cup

2. Dry ice, carbonated drinks


It is not advisable to put dry ice or carbonated beverages in the thermos cup to avoid the danger that the internal pressure will rise and the stopper will not open or the contents will spray out.


Thermos Cup

3. Not suitable for making tea


If you make tea with a thermos cup, soak the tea leaves in high-temperature, constant-temperature water for a long time, just like boiling with warm fire, the vitamins in the tea are destroyed a lot, the aromatic oil is volatilized, and the tannic acid and theophylline are leached in large quantities. The nutritional value of tea is reduced, and the tea juice is unscented and the tea tastes bitter. Even because the steeping time is too long, the tea may release heavy metals, which is harmful to health.


In addition, the thermos will change color when the hot tea is kept warm for a long time. It is recommended to use tea bags to brew when going out.


Thermos Cup

4. Liquids not suitable for salt (such as salt water)


Because the inner liner of the thermos cup is sandblasted and electrolyzed, the inner liner after electrolysis can avoid the physical reaction between the water and the stainless steel material, and the corrosiveness of the salt may cause damage to it, so it is not suitable for long-term storage in the quilt.


Thermos Cup

5. Not suitable for milk, dairy products, juice, etc.


Some people will put hot milk in a thermos cup, which is convenient for taking with them. However, this method allows the microorganisms in the milk to multiply quickly at a suitable temperature, causing spoilage, and easily causing diarrhea and abdominal pain.


In the high-temperature environment of milk, nutrients such as vitamins will be destroyed. At the same time, the acidic substances in milk will also chemically react with the inner wall of the thermos, affecting human health.


Thermos Cup

6. Do not soak Chinese medicine


Some people also like to soak Chinese medicine in a thermos, which is convenient to carry and drink. However, the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine generally dissolves a large amount of acidic substances, easily reacts with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the thermos, and dissolves into the soup medicine, which has an adverse effect on the human body.


Chinese medicine can be stored for one or two days at a temperature of 25. The temperature in the thermos is high and it is easy to deteriorate. It is recommended to store it at room temperature.

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