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How About Frosted Glass Cup?

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How about frosted glass Cup?

1. Is a frosted glass good or not?

Glass is a necessary product for people's life, and the style of glass is also various. Frosted glass, also known as ground glass and obscured glass, is made of ordinary flat glass by mechanical frosting, manual grinding or hydrofluoric acid corrosion. Because of its rough surface, it makes light diffuse, transparent but not perspective, which can make the glass light soft and not dazzling, while ordinary glass will be particularly dazzling when it is exposed to the sun. The bottom of the frosted material can increase the roughness of the contact area, increase the friction, ensure the stability of the frosted glass, and avoid the sliding effect.

The cover of the frosted glass is a high gloss inverted film, which is not easy to rust. Some frosted glasses are also designed with a hand rope, which makes it more beautiful and convenient to carry. The frosted glass is relatively safe in the production process. No chemical substances are added in the firing process, while the ordinary plastic cup is added with plasticizer in the production process, which contains some toxic chemicals. When it is filled with hot water or boiled water, the toxic chemicals are easy to dilute in the water, and long-term use will cause harm to human body. Especially the colored plastic cup, although it looks very good, but it contains more toxic chemicals than the ordinary plastic cup.

  Frosted Glass Cup

2. Is frosted glass poisonous?

The inner wall of a frosted glass is usually not frosted. The outer wall is not polished, but washed out with a chemical substance. Although the frosted glass itself will not cause certain harm to the body, some toxic chemicals may remain on the outer wall of the frosted glass, which will have adverse effects. Therefore, when drinking water or make tea, you need to be cautious. It's better to choose ordinary glass to drink water.

The inner wall of the frosted glass is easy to produce dirt. If the dirt is not cleaned in time, it may cause adverse factors to the body. When using frosted glass in our daily life, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the frosted glass, otherwise it will affect our health.

3. The characteristics of frosted glasses

1. It uses food grade sodium calcium environmental protection glass. After the surface treatment of encircling abrasive, it becomes gentle and smooth, with good texture.

2. It has a strong mechanical strength, and has a strong performance for the change of chill and hot temperature.

3. It is easy to clean and does not absorb the taste of any beverage.

4. It is mainly suitable for use as milk cup or coffee cup. It can improve your life taste with diversified technology, high ornamental and interesting.

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