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How Can Soft Top Sippy Cup Help Toddler Drink more Water?

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How Can Soft Top Sippy Cup Help Toddler Drink more Water?

Because the baby is so young that their organs are in the weak, which are still waiting for the growth and development to be perfected. As an indispensable part in growth, water is necessary, but boiled water is so tasteless that a lot of babies do not like to drink it. Then in this passage we are going to tell you how to make babies drink more water from the first years hard spout sippy cup.


Guide them Appropriately

When we find that babies don't like drinking water, we shouldn’t force them at first. On the contrary, we should be more patient. First of all, we should reduce the intake of other drinks, beverages, and appropriately guide the baby to drink water from the first years insulated sippy cup. With the strong ability of imitation and careful guidance of the adult, the child will follow the adult to learn to drink wanted, and the amount of water they drink will gradually increase, so that the baby will slowly develop the habit of drinking boiled water from the first years hard spout sippy cup.


Replace the Bottle

When babies don't love to drink water, we should buy otherinfant water bottles. They can be colorful, which can make the baby love the baby learning drinking cup admiringly. It can slowly guide the baby to drink the water from the first years hard spout sippy cup, so that children will drink the water in the bottle unconsciously. Also, we can prepare a few more cups so that we can change the bottle at any time. After a long period, the baby will develop the habit to drink the water in the cup. Also, we should keep in mind that the bottle should be leakproof best transition sippy cup 2020 to avoid the leakage of water when babies play the bottle.


Add Flavor to Boiled water

It is common that babies don't like to drink boiled water. We can add some juice or glucose, milk powder, honey and so on to boiled water. And this will make the baby like drinking water from best transition sippy cup 2020. And then we can gradually reduce the amount of juice, so that the sweetness in the water gradually fades. After a period, the baby will get used to it and accept drinking boiled water.


Let the baby Drink water Before Drinking Milk

We can try to give the baby some water between two meals of breast milk or formula. Especially when the baby is hungry, we can feed him some water first, so that the baby's sense of rejection of water will be reduced. Over time, the baby will be more receptive to water.

If the baby is fed on formula, giving the baby water during two sessions of feeding is more beneficial to the baby's health. And for the breastfed baby, if the breast milk is sufficient, we do not have to give the child water. However, if not, we can give some water to the child.


Know When the baby Needs water

If the baby cries without tears, or his lips are dry, we should know that we need to give him water. Also, if Babies are in fever, suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, they should also drink more water.

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