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How Does Turkish Coffee Cup Look Like?

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How Does Turkish Coffee Cup Look Like?

Turkish coffee, also known as Arabica coffee, is the European coffee ancestor and has been around for seven or eight hundred years. It is said that in Turkey, cook a cup of traditional Turkish coffee for guests is a very noble thing, some even have to pre-bath and eat vegetarian. On December 5,2013, Turkish coffee and its traditional culture were added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's intangible cultural heritage. So why Turkish coffee can be seen as the cultural heritage? What are the differences about Turkish coffee? What does Turkish coffee cup look like? Well, this article will help you answer all the questions.



Turkish Coffee Pot

One of the interesting things about drinking coffee in Turkey is that they put ground coffee in this open pot and add a certain amount of other spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary, etc. All the spices they like. Of course, sugar will be also added by their own preference. However, milk is out of consideration. The reason for this is that Turkish coffee comes with the grounds. So, water is the last thing you add to the coffee. Because the coffeepot heats directly on an open flame or in heated sand. At this point, if add something else like milk, it will most likely cause an overflow. So, everything in Turkish coffee is added to the pot before it's brewed.


How Does Turkish Coffee Cup Look Like?


Turkish coffee cup

Turkish coffee utensils are usually delicate and miniature, about half the capacity of ordinary coffee cups. This is because smart Turks know that such strong coffee is bad for their health. That exquisite and antique coffee cup, floating above a layer of oil-like golden foam is fascinating. So, if you have any ideas about going to Turkey and getting a cup of coffee, here are some ideas for you. Firstly, the coffee is very hot at this time. You can't drink it immediately. Otherwise, you will drink a mouthful of coffee grounds. Secondly, in order to really taste the unique taste of Turkish coffee, there will also be a cup of ice water, it is best to drink ice water first, so that you can slowly taste the Turkish coffee which is slightly sour and a little bitter.



How Does Turkish Coffee Cup Look Like?

Turkish Coffee Culture

It is said that there is a coffee fortune-telling culture in Turkey. After drinking coffee, the coffee cup is commonly turned over into the saucer. You can then know your fortune from the patterns of coffee grounds. You can find a professional coffee fortune-teller, you can also do it by yourself.

1. Taste the coffee slowly, then cover the coffee cup with saucer.

2. Shake the coffee cup and saucer slightly thinking about the divination problem, then turn the cup and saucer over carefully.

3. Place the saucer on the table and wait for the temperature to cool down.

4. Carefully open the coffee cup, you can check the patterns of coffee grounds.

5. At last, you can also make a wish to the water on the saucer.


If you have any chance to visit Turkey, you should definitely try their coffee.

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