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How To Buy Aluminum Water Drinking Sports Bottle?

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How to buy aluminum water drinking sports bottle?

The main points of choosing sports bottle can be summarized into 12 words: sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, convenient and safe.

Aluminum Travel Bottle

1. The key to "sturdy and durable" is the material and body wall thickness of the aluminum sport bottle 


The material of the sports bottle is pure aluminum. China, as a big country of aluminum products, has an advantage of aluminum water bottle. In terms of material selection, each manufacturer is different, the high quality aluminum bottle brands use pure aluminum with a purity of 99.5%.


Another factor is the sport bottle wall thickness. Generally, the wall thickness of aluminum drinking bottle is 0.7 mm. In fact, the higher purity of the aluminum used for sports bottles with the greater wall thickness, to get the better strength and toughness of the aluminum sport bottle, and the stronger resistance to collision and impact.


2. The key to "safe and reliable" is the inner coating of the aluminum sports bottle


As we all know, excessive intake of aluminum material will cause great harm to human health. The coating inside the aluminum sport bottle solves the isolation problem: the water, juice, milk, coffee and other drinks in the water bottle are separated from the aluminum body.


The composition of the inner coating of the aluminum sports bottle is more than 20% resin, and about 1% additives, then the rest are solvents. The main deciding factor of the sports bottle quality is the safe inner coating material will not cause harm to human health. In addition, the quality of the inner coating sprayed inside drinking bottle need to be firmly attached and has the necessary thickness to ensure the reliability of the isolation between the beverage and the aluminum bottle.


The lid of a general sports water bottle is composed of a lid and a gasket. The tightness of the spout depends on the high degree of fit between the lid with gasket and the threads of the spout. The good sports bottle uses the second injection molding technology, which directly integrates the gasket and the lid of sport water bottle, which not only achieves a good sealing effect, but also fundamentally eliminates the possibility of separation.

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