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How are Metal Water Bottles Made?

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How are Metal Water Bottles Made?

Metal water bottles are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel. They're built to last, which means they follow a different process than the one used to create plastic water bottles.


A metal water bottle is mainly made by the following process.


Step 1: Forming the Cylinder

Small aluminum discs travel to a punch-press where they're stretched into a long cylinder by 660 tons of force.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 2: Chopping Extra Material

Excess aluminum is removed from the side of the water bottle by a mechanized blade. From there, it's sent down a conveyor belt and onto an aluminum wheel to be prepared for the next step.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 3: Shaping the Bottles

The aluminum cylinders are shaped into bottles. The machinery goes over the cylinder 26 times to draw the bottle's opening down to half its original diameter.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 4: Adding on the Metal

An extra piece of metal is added to the top of the bottle that's designed for the eventual cap. This will help the cap twist firmly into place on the bottle.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 5: Washing the Bottles

The aluminum water bottles go into a scrubbing station where all the excess lubricant and debris is removed.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 6: Lining with Polymer

After the water bottles are dried, they move down the assembly line where the inside is fitted with a high-tech polymer plastic via a spray nozzle. This is what gives the bottle its insulation.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 7: Firing in an Oven

The polymer is at first powdery but ends up solidifying after the aluminum bottles are placed in an oven that's heated to 365°F for 10 minutes.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 8: Painting

The bottles are spray painted in their sleek aluminum coating for a smooth, even finish.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 9: Reheating

Once the bottle is sprayed in the intended color, it's put again into an oven to solidify. The result is a smooth exterior on the aluminum water bottle.

 Mental Water Bottle

Step 10: Ready for Drinking!

The whole process takes about 3 hours, with the final result being a nice, smooth metal water bottle for your hydrating needs.

 Mental Water Bottle

Whether you use a plastic or stainless steel option, and whether it's customized or blank, your water bottle is just as important as your phone, car keys, and wallet when you leave for the day. Take the time to appreciate all the craftsmanship that goes into your favorite drinkware!


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