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How to Avoid Getting Car Sick?

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How to Avoid Getting Car Sick?

People who suffer from carsickness are eager to know what the best relief is from carsickness. Do you know that you would feel much beeter if you have plastic water bottles with you? Here are some tips about how to avoid getting car sick. People who are often carsick please don’t miss it.


1 Ginger

Not only can it be eaten to relieve carsickness, but also it can be applied to relieve carsickness. Carsick people can have a large piece of ginger in their mouth when they are sitting in the car and change the ginger in about half an hour, which can help relieve discomfort and reduce carsickness. Or use ginger directly to apply on the wrist Neiguan acupoint with adhesive tape outside. If it is to contain ginger slices or apply ginger slices externally, you had better use it half an hour before the bus ride.


2 Ginger Tea

You can prepare ginger tea for yourself, drink it before or in the car. Just take the finger-sized fresh ginger peeled and diced, add some sucrose into the cup, then pour the mixture into boiling water for 15 minutes. Then pour the ginger tea into the portable water bottle such as stainless steel water bottle or plastic water bottle. When drinking ginger tea, it would get better effect if you massage Neiguan acupoint.


3 Vinegar

Vinegar can also be made into vinegar beverage by adding water like fresh ginger, either before or in the caryou’re your gastrointestinal function is not good, you had better drink warm vinegar drinks before boarding the car, or use a thermos cup filled with vinegar drinks. But it should be noted that vinegar is acidic, if your stomach and intestine discomfort with gastric ulcer, gastritis and other diseases should not drink.


4 Lemons

Lemon is also a kind of acidic food, which can help alleviate car sickness. You can drink with lemon water. Besides lemon, you can also buy sour preserves like plum to help ease the car sickness when you eat snacks during the ride.


5 Carsickness Drugs

If you have serious carsickness, you can also prepare some anti-carsickness drugs for yourself. Generally speaking, carsickness drugs also need to be taken on an empty stomach one hour before the bus ride, so that it would be effective when you are on the car. Consult your doctor for details of medication.


6 Soda Cakes

Soda biscuits are a kind of biscuits, but because soda biscuits are alkaline. When we feel nausea, it mainly because our stomach acid is too much, so we can eat some soda biscuits in the car, which can quickly neutralize our stomach acid, so that we don't want to nauseate so much.


7 Olives

Olives are also useful for carsick people. When you feel carsick in the car, you can eat some olives. Because the tannic acid in the olive makes our mouth drier, we can alleviate the nausea caused by carsickness.


8. Other Notices

There are many reasons for carsickness. In addition to eating the food mentioned above, you can also avoid overeating, hunger or greasy food before taking a bus, which causes stomach discomfort and aggravates carsickness. In addition to eating, you can also try to relax in the car, try to close your eyes and refresh yourself in the car, and have a sufficient quality of sleep before riding.

I am sure you could learn a lot from this article, are you ready to get plastic water bottles for yourself?

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