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How to Choose a Ceramic Cup When Ordering?

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How to Choose a Ceramic Cup When Ordering?

Ceramic cups is a combination of natural materials and the power of nature, it is integrated into human technology and has created daily necessities in our lives, is the important process of civilization is the first time that human beings have used natural objects to create a brand new thing in accordance with their own will, the generation of pottery in China has a long history of many years.

Ceramic Cup

How to choose a ceramic cup when order it?

1. First of all, pay attention to whether the cover is suitable. We know that the ceramic cup cover can make the water not cool so quickly. If the cover is not suitable, it may be defective and will affect future use.

2. Listen to the sound and flick your fingers. If the sound is crisp and pleasant, then the porcelain tire is fine and dense. If the sound is hoarse, then it is inferior porcelain and cannot be bought.

3. When drinking water, the mouth will contact the cup wall, so the top of the outside of the cup wall, that is, the place where the mouth contacts, must not have a pattern, and the inner wall is best not to have a pattern. Because these glaze decorations contain trace metals such as lead and cadmium, they are not easy to use for a long time, it is harmful to human body.

4. Touch the surface. See if it is smooth, look for cracks, small holes, black spots, if it is as smooth as glass, the product is better.

5. The purchase of ceramic cups usually only considers the purchase of natural cups that indicate smoothness. If you really ca n’t resist the temptation of color patterns, it is recommended to buy underglaze ceramic cups. 

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