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How to Clean Tea Stains And Coffee Stains in Ceramic Cups?

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How to clean tea stains and coffee stains in ceramic cups?

The tea stains and coffee stains in the ceramic mug can been cleaned with toothpaste or table salt or citrus peel or kitchen bleach, rinse it with toothpaste or table salt, the results will be better.

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1. Salt:

Whether it is table salt or coarse salt, can use to remove the tea stains on the ceramic mug. We can use our fingers to pick up and scrub back and forth above the tea stains. After two or three minutes, the tea stains will magically disappear! And it does not hurt the ceramic cup too much.


2. Citrus peel:

Sometimes what should we do when old scale can't clean it even though? do not worry! At this time, you can go to look for the leftover lemon in the kitchen, or the peel that you plan to throw away after eating oranges! For the ceramic coffee cups, use lemon slices or a little vinegar to wipe the edges of the cup. If it is a ceramic coffee pot, we can slice the lemon, wrap it in a cloth and put it on the top of the coffee pot. Cook the lemon in the same way as coffee and let it drip into the pot. When yellow turbid water droplets come out of the ceramic coffee pot, this is evidence of citric acid removing coffee stains. Generally speaking, the ceramic coffee mug or ceramic coffee pot will be clean after two times washings.


3. Salt and citrus peel:

If you use peel to replace the melon cloth, pick up the salt, and then use it to scrub the tea stains on ceramic mug, it can also achieve unexpectedly good results! If there is no peel, using a little vinegar will have the same effect.


4. Kitchen bleach:

The kitchen-specific bleach was first diluted in a large pot, and put the ceramic cup in to soak it overnight. After washing it with fresh water in the next day, the ceramic tea mug magically slipped.

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