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How to Clean Your Vacuum Insulated St1ainless Steel Bottle?

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How to Clean Your Vacuum Cup?

In daily life, many people are confused about how to handle new vacuum cups and daily maintenance. This article will help you solve these problems.


How to clean the new vacuum cups for the first time?

First, open the unopened vacuum cup and wash it several times: first, use boiling water, or add some detergent and rinse it several times for high-temperature disinfection. Before use, in order to have a good insulation effect, it is best to use boiling water or cold water preheating or cooling for about 10 minutes.


How to Clean Your Vacuum Cup?

Use these little things to clean new cups:

1. Orange peel

Scald the cup with hot water, rinse it with cold water, add four or five orange peels and cover for about four hours.


2. Tea

Add some tea leaves to the cup, then add hot water and wait for about 10 minutes to clean.

3. Hot Water

This method is slow and should be dust-proof when drying.


4. Salt Water

Mix the salt and water in a cup, then shake for a while and rinse.


5. Toothpaste

Use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the cup, but be careful to rinse the toothpaste thoroughly.


The first time to add water to the vacuum cup should not be too full, so as to avoid tightening the lid, boiling water overflow burns. The first time you use a vacuum cup, its heat preservation performance must be very good, so when you use a vacuum cup to drink hot drinks, be careful not to make a mistake in judgment, and burn.



How to Clean Your Vacuum Cup?

How to maintain the thermos?

1. Before using the vacuum cup, use boiling water (or add some food detergent to scald and wash several times, and conduct high-temperature disinfection). 

2. Please hurry to the full amount of water, so as not to tighten the lid, boiling water overflow and burn.

3. Please drink the hot drink slowly to avoid burns.

4. Do not put milk, milk products and juice and other carbonated drinks for a long time.


5. After drinking, please tighten the lid to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.


6. Wash with soft cloth and food detergent diluted with warm water. Do not use alkaline bleach metal cabbage cloth, chemical cloth, etc.


7. To prevent odor or stains, and can be used for a long time clean. After use, clean and dry thoroughly.


8. The inner bladder and outer wall can be cleaned with warm water and neutral detergent.


9. When cleaning the inner bladder, do not use steel wire ball wire brush similar to hard or sharp washing towel hanging rub the inner wall.


10. The outer wall has dirt or rust, etc., paper gauze according to the grain direction to wipe back and forth.


11. If the outer wall is treated as a mirror, the third article is invalid and shall be cleaned according to the first article.


12. Do not place carbonated drinks such as milk, yogurt, juice and Chinese medicine in the vacuum cup.


13. Do not directly use a vacuum cup to make tea.


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