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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Longjing Tea?

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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Longjing Tea?

Do you know the Longjing Tea in China ?


Longjing tea or Dragon Well tea is a famous variety of green tea from Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, where it is produced mostly by hand and has been renowned worldwide. The tea is grown in the Longjing (dragon well) mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake, hence it is also commonly known as the West Lake Dragon Well tea. In China, Longji tea is extolled as the "Queen of Green Tea" mostly for its "four wonders" - emerald green color, aromatic flavor, sweet taste and beautiful appearance.

Glass Tea Cup


So How to Make a Perfect Cup of Longjing Tea


Preparation: Get some Longjing tea, a glass cup, and a bottle of mineral spring water ready, and then put three grams (one teaspoon) of tea into the cup.


Clean the tea leaves: Pour a little (about 50ml) heated spring water (80°C to 90°C) into the cup. Gently swirl the cup, and then pour out the water, keeping the tea leaves in the cup. This should clean off any dust etc. on the tea from the manufacturing process.


Brew the tea: pour 150ml (the leaves: water ratio should be about 1:50) of 85°C water in to the cup, and wait for seven minutes until the tea leaves have dilated owing to the absorption of the water.


Drink the Tea: Drink the tea in the following three minutes, and you can enjoy a perfect cup of Longjing tea.


Matters needing attention:

In terms of water temperature, we should use about 75 ℃ to 85 ℃. Never use the water boiling at 100 ℃, because Longjing tea is not fermented, so the tea itself is very tender. If you use too hot water to brew, you will roll the tea, and you will brew the bitter taste together, which will affect the taste.


In China, many people like to use ceramic or glass cups to make tea. Next time, Let's make a cup of tea in a pleasant afternoon.

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