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How to Select Personalized Sports Water Bottles?

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How to Select Sports Water Bottles?

In the precious article, I’ve already introduced collapsible water bottle. If you don not know what that is, please check that article. Well, in todays article, I will introduce another sports water bottle  personalized mist spray sports water bottles.


Some of the personalized mist spray hockey water bottles have 600 ml capacity, which are absolutely suitable for summer use. With food-grade silica gel soft material and humanized handheld design, you can go out with a hook of your finger to meet the needs of indoor playing, fitness, mountain climbing and long-distance driving.


According to scientific experiments, adults need to drink 1500-2000 ml of water a day, children 500-1000 ml of water, cold, each time can not drink more than 300 ml. The personalized mist spray soccer water bottles is so considerable that it has a design scale outside the cup that adults and children can easily control the amount of water they drink each time and every day. Those women who often say they will get fat when they drink water will be able to control how many you send in the future.


There is a special design of the collapsible mist spray running water bottle, the sprayer. You only need to press lightly. The water in the water cup is just like a fountain. It is super cool and suitable for summer use.


Especially in sports competitions, when you are nervous, spray water onto the face before going on stage, let yourself relax. There is a little gap in the halfway score, mood is agitated, the morale of the players is not enough, you can spray together during the rest, so that the mind remains sober.


For girls, it is more beneficial. In addition to timely replenishing the body's missing water, alleviating thirst physiological needs, more importantly, it can help you keep your skin moist. After exercise, a lot of sweat will be lost, and the moisture on the face will easily evaporate if the weather is hot. At this time, the spray in the water cup can play a role in relieving dry skin and comfortable skin.


But please note that spray can not be used as skin toner. After using moisturizing spray, the feeling of freshness and wetness is only temporary, because spray does not contain or does not contain enough lipid to lock moisture. If spray is used every day, for a long time, the skin will become more and more dry, sensitive, easily inflamed, and even appear fine lines and wrinkles early. Therefore, spray can not be used as skin toner.


Spray can not be directly sprayed on the face. In fact, not all spray can be directly sprayed on the face. Only the mist spray is suitable for directly spraying on the face. If the spray of large droplets sprays out of the nozzle, it can only be sprayed on the hands and then wipe it on the face.


What’s more, personalized mist spray cheer water bottles can be used in the photo taking scene, when you with your child or your dog, hold the spray button, and the fresh, dreamy and joyful picture will come out.

So are you ready to get mist spray reusable water bottle sports top?

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