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How to choose a vacuum flask

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How to choose a vacuum flask

First you need to see what material you are going to choose.

Thermos on the market can be divided into two types: glass vacuum insulated containers and stainless steel vacuum insulated containers.Commonly used in the former are thermos bottles, insulated lunch boxes, glass-lined thermos cups, etc., while the latter is mainly stainless steel thermos cups.


1. Simple identification method of thermal insulation performance

Pour boiling water into the thermos cup and tighten the cork or lid clockwise for 2-3 minutes and then touch the outer surface of the cup with your hands. If the cup (pot) body has obvious warming, especially the lower part of the cup, it means that The product has lost its vacuum and cannot achieve a good insulation effect, and the lower part of the insulated cup is always cool. Misunderstanding: Some people use their ears to determine whether there is a sizzling sound to determine its heat preservation performance, and the ear cannot hear whether it is vacuum.

2. Sealing performance identification method

After adding water to the cup, tighten the cork or cup lid in a clockwise direction, place the cup flat on the table, and there should be no water seeping out; the cup lid and the cup opening should be screwed in and out flexibly without gaps. Fill a glass of water upside down for four or five minutes, or shake it a few times to verify if there is a leak.

3. Plastic parts identification method

Food-grade new plastic features: low odor, bright surface, no burrs, long service life and not easy to aging. The characteristics of ordinary plastics or recycled plastics: big smell, dark color, many burrs, plastics are easy to age and break easily. This will not only affect the service life, but also affect the sanitation of drinking water.

4. Flask appearance recognition method

First, check whether the surface of the inner and outer bladder is uniformly polished, whether there are bruises and scratches; second, whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to whether you feel comfortable when drinking water; third, whether the internal seal is tight, Whether the screw plug matches the cup body; look at the cup mouth, the rounder the better.

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