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Magic Color Changing Cup

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Magic Color Changing Cup

The color change cup can be divided into three types: discoloration caused by heat, discoloration caused by cold and discoloration caused by water. However, water color change has not been widely used. When the temperature of the thermochromic cup is above 40 ℃, the color changes. When the temperature of the cold cup is below 20 ℃, the color changes.


Color Changing Cups

Working principle of color changing cup


The reason why the chameleon cup changes color is that its frame is composed of two parts, the outer cup and the inner cup, which are arranged coaxially. A sandwich cavity filled with thermochromic volatile liquid is arranged between the bottom ends of the two cups, and an artistic pattern channel is carved on the outer wall of the inner cup to connect with the cavity of the layer. After pouring hot water into the drinking cup, the thermosensitive liquid in the sandwich cavity will produce color change and rise in the inner cup graphic channel, which will make the cup wall show artistic patterns.


The color changing cup is mainly due to the structure of the thermosensitive coating. Because the thermosensitive material is completely isolated in the inner layer of the cup, it will not contact with the drink in the cup. It is a pure natural physical reaction. It is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. It can be used for unlimited times.


Manufacturing method of color changing cup


1. Direct printing

It refers to printing directly on the cup with the roll printer. This technology has technical difficulties. In general, only one or three colors can be printed in the factory. However, the factory with strength can overprint up to 20 colors without displacement. This technology is only suitable for small batch production and has low efficiency. This way can only print color blocks. It's very difficult to print photos.


2. Water transfer

It is to use a printing machine to print on the water transfer paper first, so as to print out rich colors. It can also be produced in large quantities. However, it has high requirements on the environment, requiring constant temperature and humidity to ensure the printing accuracy. Put the printed water transfer paper in the water, separate the pattern from the paper, and transfer the pattern to the cup to bake the finished product.


3. Heat transfer

As the printing process of water transfer printing is basically the same, the printed heat transfer paper is transferred to the cup body by heating and pressing the machine. When water transfer printing is manual operation, while heat transfer printing is processed by machine automation.


Attentions for using color changing cup


1. It is strictly prohibited to use it in microwave oven / dishwasher / disinfection cabinet and other high-temperature places.


2. Do not expose to strong light.


3. Do not soak in water.


4. Do not scrape or wipe the surface image of the cup body, otherwise the image will fall off.

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