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Plastic Water Bottle: How Long Does it Really Last?

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Plastic Water Bottle: How Long Does it Really Last?

In the eyes of many consumers, plastic water bottles are durable, so they can be used for a long time. Is it possible to use it all the time without damage? What are the signs of aging or damage of plastic clear milk carton water bottle? Is there a quality ensured period for plastic products?


Consumers: How Long Does Plastic Water Bottles Really Last?

For answering such question, reporter in the supermarket on this issue randomly selected more than 20 consumers and shoppers guides but no one are able to say plastic water bottles warranty period.“If the reusable plastic water bottle are damaged, we would change a new one, but we really do not know how long it will last.”In the survey, people would usually use the common food grade plastic water bottle for three or four years.


"I've only heard of production dates, but I've never heard of the quality ensured period of plastic water bottles." There is no warranty period shown on plastic water bottles or washbasins, or on their packaging.


Subsequently, the reporter according to some cheap bpa free plastic water bottles outer packing contact information, she got in touch with manufacturers, the factory staff replied that at present China is only asking to mark material, application, production date, matters needing attention on the plastic drinking water bottle and he never heard of anything about the quality ensured period.


Experts: How Long Does Plastic Water Bottles Really Last?

In fact, plastic water cups also have a quality ensured period, overtime use will be risky. Some experts said that our research found that the longer the bpa free plastic water bottles used, the greater the risk of anti-virus. This also means that plastic water bottles have a quality ensured period, after expiration will be aging and poisoning. In addition, heavy metal antimony containing carcinogens was previously exposed in plastic bottles made of PET, which is currently the most widely used material in beverage products. And even if the product meets the standard, the overuse of antimony will increase the potential risk of antimony to human body.


Experts said that the use of plastic water bottles and cleaning methods are different, which will have a certain impact on the "life" of reusable plastic water bottle. Although there is no explicit stipulation on which plastic quality ensured period is, there is a general statement in the industry that the quality ensured period of most plastic products is 3 to 5 years.


After long-term use, the plastic products will be aging, discoloration and brittleness. If the plastic boxes used become yellow or no longer transparent, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Consumers must pay attention to the quality ensured period of plastic products. Plastic products are made of different resin materials. Under different temperature and humidity conditions, toxic substances will be released and the phenomenon of overtime service is more common. This will undoubtedly increase the risk of carcinogens "running out" in some plastic products and accumulating in the human body.


Food-grade plastic water bottles in our daily life should be replaced once a year. After use for a period of time, check whether it has discoloration, brittleness, internal concave and convex, and then decide whether it should be replaced in time.


However, the packaging of plastic products, especially refilling plastic water bottles, should be marked with the quality ensured period. Only in this way can the risk of plastics poisoning endanger health be reduced.

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