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Precautions for Using Enamel Cups and Mugs

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Precautions for Using Enamel Cups and Mugs

Enamel mugcoated with a layer of ceramic glaze on the surface of the metal cup and burn it at high temperature; applying enamel coating on the metal surface can prevent the metal from rusting, so that when the enamel mug metal is heated, it will not form an oxide layer on the surface and can resist various liquids Erosion. 

The advantages of the enamel cup, it can be heated by open flame, induction cooker or electric stove; beautiful and elegant, the color of ceramic glaze is colorful; the enamel mug is clean, rust-proof, hygienic; strong and durable, can not be broken, will not produce sharp fragments; with coating on the surface is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

Enamel mug

Precautions for using enamel cups and mugs:

1. Wash thoroughly with detergent in warm water before use.

2. Add water, oil and other liquids before heating, do not burn empty enamel cups.

3. Do not pour the enamel mugs in cold water immediately after burning at high temperature, it will crack the enamel and reduce the service life.

4. Do not burn the soup dry during use, it will damage the enamel mug layer.

5. After use to put on dry, to avoid rusting of the unpainted part of enamel cups.

6. Don't fall heavily, so as not to lose the ceramic glaze on enamel mugs, or the metal tire core will be easy to rust.

7. The enamel cups and mugs cannot be heated in a microwave oven. The temperature of the microwave oven rises too fast, which will damage the enamel layer, resulting in falling or cracking.

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