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Sports Water Kettle’s Function And Materials

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Sports Water kettle’s Function And Materials

Sports water bottle is a kind of drinkware that is carried by outdoor sports. Compared with other water appliances, sports kettle has the characteristics of durability, safety, convenience and insurance. There are many kinds of sports water cups, such as common ones, ones with filtering function, folding sports water bottles, etc. In addition to the selection function, the most important thing is to choose the material that can stand the bumps.

Sports Water Bottle

The functional characteristics of sports kettle:

1. Watertight

In fact, the word contains two meanings: one is firmness, the other is security. It's hard to avoid bumps and bumps because of the bad outdoor environment. If the kettle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if its opening is not closed tightly, it will not only lose the very valuable drinking water in the wild, but may also wet the clothes, instruments and other items.


2. Easy to carry

There are many occasions to use the kettle, sometimes on the bicycle, sometimes on the rock wall, which requires the portability of the kettle. Some containers made of soft materials, such as silicone and leather kettles, have irreplaceable advantages. Their size and shape can be changed according to needs, which is good for outdoor sportsman.


3. Designed for special use

Because of the different outdoor environment and many kinds of outdoor sports, the general functions can not meet the needs in some cases. Where only one hand can be vacated for drinking water, the design of a bottle mouth that can be opened and closed with one hand is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and there is a need for camping and picnic, a foldable silicone kettle can effectively meet the water needs of the camp. In high altitude or polar areas and other harsh conditions, an insulated kettle that ensures your water does not freeze will let you have no worries.


The material of sports kettle:

1. Plastic sports kettle

Advantages: light, slow heat conduction, low price.

Disadvantages: it is not wear-resistant and material does not ensure safety.

2. Stainless steel sports kettle

Advantages: solid, no harmful substances to people, heat resistant. 

Disadvantages: the single-layer heat conduction is fast and not wear-resistant, the double-layer stainless steel container has high requirements for processing accuracy, and the joint is easy to leak water and grow bacteria.

3. Aluminum sports kettle

Advantages: light, fashionable appearance.

Disadvantages: the heat conduction is too fast. It's impossible to take hot water or cold water. Aluminum products are too soft and easy to bump out of the pit. Too much aluminum intake will cause harm to human body.

4. Silicone sports kettle

Advantages: foldable, easy to carry, light, slow heat conduction, heat-resistant, no harmful substances to people, fall resistant. 

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