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Summer Shopping List

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Summer Shopping List

Summer is already in the corner. It's time to buy some stuff for the summer. In such hot sunny summer, it's not easy to be delicate girls and boys. So in today’s article, Ill tell you what insiders would buy for the summer. They often have these items on their summer shopping list.


1 Sunscreen

Without sunscreen and skin care, ultraviolet damage to the skin is more than suntan. Ultraviolet rays can damage epidermal cells, making the skin relaxed and dark, with fine lines and spots. Suntanning can be restored, but it is irreversible. So sunscreen is an essential part for the delicate girls and boys. 



2 White Dress

As summer is hot, it's time for showing your legs! Especially in this dress season, how can we miss a beautiful white dress? Romantic and pure white dress makes you become a goddess in an instant. Although white dress is not like black dress that can decorate your figure, a small white dress full of fantasy not only makes you cool visually, but also highlights your gentle temperament.



3 Shorts

Shorts can not only show your thighs, but also let you cool through the summer, so quickly choose a pair of shorts and dress up if you dont have one.



Summer Shopping List

4 Sandals

In the hot summer days, how can not you wear sandals as they are  gentle, simple and comfortable. You can literally wear these sandals to everywhere, even beside the beach for some waterproof sandals.



5 Lipsticks

Summer is a “hot” season. The coolest thing I can think of is wearing a white dress and red lips in the sun. You are sure to get a high rate of second glance if you take a walk on the street with your red lips and white dress.  



6 Small Bag

Summer night is a suitable time for going to the club. Summer night is suitable for all kinds of street photography as well. It is much easier to bring your small bag.



7 Umbrellas

When summer comes, how can a girl go out without an umbrella? When the sun shines and the rain pours, is this for sunshade or rain-proof? Wouldn't it be nice to take an umbrella with both functions? Then you dont need to worry about neither sunshade nor rain.



Summer Shopping List

8 Books

Wandering around in summer will be tanned. If you dont want to get tanned, take a book, straighten your waist, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy the afternoon in an ins-style cafe.



9 Swimsuit

Beach time in Summer! Get a swimsuit and let’s go swimming.



10 Water Bottles

People who love sports can't help wanting to go out and get ready to get in touch with nature. However, when you go out in this kind of weather, you always feel thirsty. At this time, you need a tumbler cup or a thermos cup. Vacuum cup can give us warm water energy after exercise, while tumbler cup can give us cool water.


Do you have all these items above?

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