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The Advantages of Silicone Water Cup

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The Advantages of Silicone Water Cup

Let's get familiar with the advantages and characteristics of silicone water cup

What's the advantage of choosing it?

There are many materials for common water cups, but few for silicone. It is a kind of creative commodity, and it is also the choice of many young people at present. At present, many of the things we use in our life are made of silicone materials, such as kitchen utensils and daily necessities. Silicone water cup has become a common thing in our daily life. Do you know its advantages and characteristics? 

The main feature of silicon is environmental safety and with good anti-falling effect. Second, it has comfortable hand feel and strong resilience. It can print or engrave different patterns on the surface. It can resist falling. Even if you drop it from the high place, it will not break.

The processing technology is simple and the product cost is low. Generally, the cost of producing and processing a finished product in silica gel water cup factory is more than a few yuan. It needs to see the requirements of product shape and weight. Its manufacturing method is mainly mold molding and injection molding. There is little difference between the two processes.

Silione water cup is one of the essential water bottles for many outdoor travelers. Because of its softness, it can be arbitrarily twisted into other shapes, and it is not easy to twist and deform when folded for a long time. Moreover, silicone material can withstand high and low temperature for a long time. There is no problem in installing hot water. It is easy to clean and carry.

Silicone Folding Cup

Characteristics of silicone water cup:

1. Food grade silicone is a kind of inorganic polymer colloidal material condensed from silicic acid, which is nontoxic and tasteless.

2. High temperature and low temperature resistance: the temperature resistance range of silicone products is - 40 ℃ - 220 ℃, far beyond the food grade plastic products. No more than 100 ℃, safe to use. Even if burnt, it can only decompose into silica white fog and white smoke. Non toxic and harmless.

3. Aging resistance, color fastness: oxidation decomposition temperature is much higher than that of similar plastic products. It is colorfast and can be used for up to 10 years at normal temperature.

4. Easy to clean, oil-resistant, water-resistant, can be cleaned in dishwasher, easy to use, is a good helper for housewives.

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