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Tips for Using Enamel Cup

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Tips for Using Enamel Cup


Each material has its own characteristics, enamel products because of material and technology, there are some precautions in use.

 Enamel Mug

First use


For the first time, clean and dry with water. Wipe the enamel products inside and outside carefully with edible oil and heat it with small fire then dry after cooling. Oil penetration can protect the body of the pot and prevent sticking.


Enamel Mug

Specific use


1. Enamel products can be heated quickly and evenly. They can be heated directly on the stove, but can not be burned empty. Please add water, oil and other liquids before heating to avoid damaging the enamel layer.


2. Do not wash or refrigerate with cold water directly after high temperature, wait for it to cool naturally to avoid enamel falling off due to sudden cooling and heating.


3. Dry the water after use to avoid rust on the part of the pot.


4. When using, it should be handled lightly, and heavy fall will always cause porcelain falling.


5. Enamel products should not be heated in the microwave oven. If the temperature of the microwave oven rises too fast, the enamel layer will be damaged, resulting in peeling or cracking.


6. Use wooden or silicon spoon in the cooker, because iron utensils can cause scratches on the cooker.


7. After the enamel is heated, the handle will be very hot. Remember to put on the heat-proof gloves and put it on the heat insulation mat. Do not exceed 70% of the capacity of the milk to avoid excessive heat.


Enamel Mug

Cleaning and maintenance


Enamel products have many advantages, not only safe, harmless to the body, enamel oxidation resistance, surface glaze is glassy smooth, no adsorption, easy to wash clean.


1. A white glaze may turn yellow after long-term use, and the wire brush is easy to scratch the glaze, which can be recovered by scrubbing with wet cloth, sponge or toothpaste.


2. In order to prevent rust, it is recommended to wipe dry the water mark in time after cleaning every time. It is best to smear the inner wall and edge with vegetable oil.


3.  if the use of low purity gas heating, it may cause the bottom of the pot black, affect the beauty, coupled with insulation pad will not.


4. After scorching, pour warm water and soda powder into the container, stir well, drop a small amount of cooking oil, let it stand for 1-2 hours, boil until bubbling, turn off the fire, and scrub it with sponge or veil cloth after cooling.

Enamel Mug

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