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What Need to Bring to The Gym Except Personalized Aluminum Water Bottles?

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5 Workout Essentials - What to Bring to The Gym

Fear mostly comes from uncertainty about the unknown. Many new exercisers don't know what to wear to the gym and what to wear before they go to the gym for the first time?  In fact, such anxiety is unnecessary! Everyone in the gym is sweating, or wearing headphones, or wiping their sweat, no one will notice who you are, what you are doing, so there is no need to care too much about the eyes of others. Of course, if you have time, you can do your homework ahead of time. So I would lie to take the fear out of your first trip by introducing some gym workout essentials to make it run a little more smoothly.



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1. Gym Bag

This is one of the first things you have to prepare in the beginning, this is also a must have. You can't just take a plastic bag and casually go. This bag will contain a lot of things in the future, such as the change of clothes and slippers after exercise, gym suit. Not only these, in the future you will need to use fitness equipment like fitness gloves. Of course, there are some small things, such as our personal mobile phone, keys, gym cards and so on.


2. Sneakers

A set of comfortable gym suit is an importance factor on whether you would do the long-term workout. If you want to run, choosing good shock absorption performance running shoes can reduce the running impact on the knee, ankle and other parts. If it is only indoor wear, then choose a pair of soft  and good anti-skid shoes. For girls, Yoga and various dance classes at the gym are also popular choices. Yoga requires no shoes, and dancing requires modern shoes. There are special weight-lifting shoes for strength training, but it's okay to start wearing canvas shoes for beginners.



3. Sports Water Bottle

A lot of people don't like to bring their own sports water bottle, so they just buy bottled water at the gym, but when you exercise a lot, there's a lot of demand, and the amount of water you need to replenish before and after exercise is much higher than you'd expect. So bring a sports water bottle, the one with a meter, is more suitable for calculating how much water you drink, whether you need to add water, and so on. As you would use sports water bottle for a such long time, a durable and reusable sports water bottle such as stainless steel bottle, silicone water bottle and aluminum bottle is definitely better than the disposable cup.


4. Cell Phone

Just lock your phone in the closet. It's hard to focus when you're basically a beginner, because you want to take pictures or ask questions like, "what's the equipment for? What's the action for? Online! ". Of course, if you can refrain from tweeting on your phone, you can use it as a stopwatch.



Many gyms have showers room, so you can bring your toiletries if you want to take a shower after a workout. You can buy a split bottle and pour your shower gel and shampoo into the bottle, making it easy to use.


Hope all these gym work essentials can help you find the way to fit in the gym. 

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