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What are Different Types of Ceramic Mugs?

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Different Types of Mug

Ceramic mugs are one of the most popular mugs in daily life. It is a good choice for office or home. There are many kinds of mugs. Mugs are widely used because of good preservation of heat, and convenient handles, diverse design and other characteristics. Generally, people drink hot water, hot milk and other drinks with high temperature, and everyone likes to use ceramic mugs. There are various kinds of ceramic mugs.


Different kinds of mugs have different characteristics. Of course, different brands have different designs, which add different elements to mugs and create different styles.


Different Types of Mug

Different Types of Ceramic Mugs

Zipper Cup

The designer adds a zipper on the body of the mug, which leaves an opening naturally. To our surprise, this opening is not for decoration. With this opening, the hanging rope of tea bags can be comfortably placed without running around. Hence, the opening is both fashionable and practical.


Mugs With Alphabet

It’s common to see that everyone brings a cup to a meeting. And it can be awkward to use the wrong cup. Alphabet mugs help you solve this problem. As for this kind of cups, each handle of mugs is designed to be a letter so that each person can use their ceramic mugs correctly. And this kind of cups with letter also can be very fashionable.


Mug with locker

It will be more acceptable to use the wrong mug accidentally than the fact that someone secretly uses your mug all the time. And it is a real bummer. Hence, some designers make a keyhole for the cup, and you carry the key for the cup. In this way, the cup can only be used when the correct key is put into the lock.


Electric Mug

What about making coffee without a teaspoon? We have electric stirring mugs that can give a perfect resolution to this problem. Everything that needs to be stirred, such as coffee, fruit juice and milk tea, can be handled with one button.


Double-decked Mug

Both coffee and tea have to be made with water in high temperature, which is always too hot to hold in hand. If the cup made of two layers, which is conducive to heat preservation. What’s more, the cup won’t be too hot to hold. It is really two birds with one stone.


Color-changing Mug

The color-changing mugs refer to a special kind of cups because the color of the cup will change with the change of temperature of the water inside the cup. And this is the ounce color cup. After pouring into the hot water, the body of color-changing mug will appear different colors. Many people are willing to take a purchase of such cups because of the characteristics of color changing.


Of course, we can also choose our own mugs.


Lettering Customization

We can carve words and some personalized messages on the surface of mug. You can also carve your own name on the cup. There are cups carved with 12 constellation. You can find your own constellation, and carve your name on it. 

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