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When Can Babies Use Eco Friendly Sippy Cups?

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When Can Babies Use Eco Friendly Sippy cups?

As the baby gets older and older, the mother starts to teach the baby learning drinking with cup, so how does the baby change from a bottle to a water glass? Parents often have questions about how much water their babies drink, what kind of water their babies drink, and how their babies drink. There are a lot of rumors about water on the Internet that are quite popular among people, and many people are brought into the misunderstanding of drinking water. This passage will introduce something about when babies should start learning to use infant water bottles, the advantages of eco friendly soft spout sippy cup and matters needing attention.


Let's take a look at when the baby should drink water. When a child is six months old, he or she is ready to use a cup with a straw, a suction cup or a eco friendly toddler drinking cup. Breast-fed children are more likely to switch to cups than bottle-fed children. In order to start, give him or her aeco friendly baby first water cup or a cup with a straw, both of which reduce spilt water when the child tries to hold the best water cup for 6 month old in various ways. So, how to start? At beginning, pour some water into a glass, render your child use the glass only at certain times of the day, and show how to raise the glass to your mouth and tilt it to drink. This allows children to play with infant’s water bottle for weeks. Parents need to be patient enough until the child can suck out most of the water and drink it. Once your child learns how to hold the best cup for baby to drink water, you can fill the best sippy cup to transition from bottle with milk or formula so that the child learns to drink from the cup.



There are many benefits for babies to drink with best sippy cup to transition from bottle. Drinking from a eco friendly sippy cup water bottle has some benefits in improving a child's hand-mouth coordination and preparing him for weaning and abstain from milk bottle. Keep in mind the advice of American academy of pediatrics that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for a child's growth until the age of one.



The Signals Showing that Baby Should Use the Infant Water Bottle

As the child continues to drink other liquids, these signs indicate that he is ready to use the eco friendly sippy cup water bottle to drink.

1. When you feed your baby with breast milk or a bottle, his eyes are constantly looking away.


2. Baby bite the nipple, but don't suck.


3. The baby try to slide it off your leg before the feeding is over.


Matters Needing Attention

1. In this process, do not put formula in the child's bottle to feed the child, just in order to make him sleep faster. If a child falls asleep while drinking milk, the immersion can cause tooth decay. To make matters worse, when a child falls asleep while lying down, milk flows through the eustachian tube into the middle ear, which can cause otitis media.


2. Do not allow your child to hold or drink from the bottle while playing. Only allow the child to use the bottle while sitting or being held.


3. Once the decision of not to allow children to carry bottles is made, you must not give in. Otherwise, the child may become confused and want to use the bottle long after it is officially abstained.

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