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Which is Better, Glass or Ceramic Mug?

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Which is Better, Glass or Ceramic Mug?

Which glass or ceramic cup is better should be analyzed in detail. Generally speaking, the glass cups is the healthiest of all cups. It does not contain any harmful substances. But the ceramic cup without colored glaze on the inner wall is also healthy and non-toxic. So you do not need to worry about the harm to your body when you use it.

Of all the types of glasses, the glass cup is the healthiest. Because it does not contain any harmful chemicals. We dont need to worry about the intake of chemicals will affect health. And the glass cup is smooth and easy to clean. It should be noted that the thermal conductivity of the glass is not very good. So when loading hot water, shake the glass body with a small amount of hot water as far as possible to prevent the glass from bursting. Of course, you can also buy glasses with thin walls.


Glass Water Cup

The main component of ceramic cup is clay. After calcination at high temperature, a layer of glaze will be formed on the surface of clay. Under normal circumstances, there is no harmful substance in this glaze, so ordinary ceramic cups are as innocuous and harmless as glass cups. Using it to drink water will not cause any damage to the body.


When we buy ceramic cups or other ceramic products, we will find that there are some patterns on the inner wall or surface of the cups. The raw materials of these patterns are pigments. However, the pigment in the underglaze ceramic cup does not exude. Because the cup is first coated with pigment, and then calcined at high temperature, the pigment already exists under the glaze. Generally, the harmful substances in the pigment will not penetrate out. Therefore, the ceramic cup with underglaze color is also a kind of relatively healthy and environmentally friendly cup.


In addition to the ceramic cup of underglaze color, some businesses, in order to pursue the three-dimensional sense and aesthetic feeling of the patterns, will paint the pigment on the glaze, and then burn it. This is the ceramic cup of overglaze color. And the harmful substances in the cup pigment are easy to exude, thus endangering human health. So try not to choose this kind of cup for drinking water.

Ceramic Mug


In many cup types, the glass cup is the best. Of course, ordinary ceramic cup and underglaze ceramic cup also have the same effect as the glass, no harm to human body. But no matter what cup it is, it must be cleaned on time, because the cup is easy to contain dirt and dirt, and if not cleaned frequently, it will lead to the invasion of bacteria.

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