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Why Do We Use Shaker Cups

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Why Should We Shaker the Protein?

Why need shaker bottles  when you drink protein power? Is it a trick or does it works?

Plastic Shaker Bottle

We all know that the instructions for using the protein powder  also mention that it should be shaken evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the body, which is true. The key is the shake, and if you use a bowl or a regular cup is difficult to shake completely, This is mainly because the shaker bottles have a professional "stirrer", like a stainless steel ball or spiral spring, In fact, if you take an ordinary cupand add a blender to it, you can shake it well.

Plastic Shaker Bottle

So why do we use a shaker bottles ?

1. Safe material. The material of the shake bottles is almost the same as the baby bottle, which is more environmentally friendly and does not contain BPA. BPA can be mixed into drinks when heated, and  can disrupt the body's metabolism and cause cancer. However, it should be mentioned that many inferior shaker bottles sent by buying protein powder cannot be counted. Many of them are not only inferior in quality but also leak easily because of poor sealing, which makes people embarrassed in the process of powdering.

2. Attractive appearance and profession, Most of shaker bottles are mostly layered, with a functional area containing protein powder and pill supplements at the bottom. Friends who have used it all know that it is not easy to form a precipitate at the bottom by adding water and then pouring powder. However, if you pour the powder first, if the inside of the cup is relatively damp and then water is added, it will easily stick to the bottom and not easy to shake evenly.

Plastic Shaker Bottle

But in the process of shaking the cup, a "stealth bomb" will also be buried inattentively.I believe that most people have been tainted by the bad gas in their shaker cups, just because they forget to clean the shaker cups in time, and as a result, they are struck by the odor when they open the lid. If the shake cupis not cleaned in time, the smell is really bad.

As for why it smells? It is not because of the quality of the powder, this happens with any protein powder. The main reason is that after drinking protein powder, we did not remove the residue in the cup in time, and the microorganisms such as bacteria and mold in the air survived in the cup. Especially when you close the lid, these bacteria will decompose the remaining protein in the cup to form hydrogen sulfide, skatole and other substances. When you open it again, these odors will come. Moreover, it is very difficult to remove this odor after washing again, because hydrogen sulfide has a certain corrosivity and will penetrate into the inner wall of the cup.

So please wash immediately after drinking the powder, wash immediately, wash immediately! Don't cover the lid after washing, let it dry in the air, there will be no odor.


Thank u for your reading, if u have any doubt, welcome to leave message to me. See u next time!

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