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Why Silicone Folding Cup Is Popular Now

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Why Silicone Folding Cup Is Popular Now

With the development of silicone daily products, some foldable processes have become the whole selling point of products. Foldable silicone products have become more convenient products for travel and outdoor carrying, especially foldable bowls and foldable water cups. After using it, you can wash it with water directly and put it into the bag. It's convenient and fast, and takes up little space, especially when you go out. For this foldable silicone product. What's the inspiration for this foldable silicone product? Do you want to know?


Silicone Folding Cup

Silicone foldable cup is a cup with convenient carrying, sanitary use and double wall. The two adjacent sections of the outer wall are connected by threads, and the two adjacent sections of the inner wall are tapered fit, which can move up and down. By rotating the outer wall thread, the inner wall is driven to expand up and down to realize cup folding and stretching kinetic energy.


Silicone folding cup is made of environment-friendly, non-toxic and safe food grade silicone. The most commonly used silicone kitchen utensils in our daily life are silicone cup, silica gel fork, silicone shovel, silicone tableware, silicone bowl, silicone insulation pad, silicone insulation gloves and silicone pacifier, etc. Food grade silicone is an inorganic polymer gel material condensed from silicone. The main component is msio2nh2o. Except for alkali and hydrofluoric acid, which do not react with any acid and alkali, the chemical stability is good. It is commonly used in Silicone Baby nipples, bottles and other products with high safety requirements. The heat resistance can reach 230 degrees.


Before, many people asked if silicone products would react with high temperature and emit some chemical raw materials? The answer is: it can be put into 100 degrees of boiling water completely, without scalding decomposition. In high and low temperature - 40 to 230 degrees, there is no problem. Unlike plastic, silicone does not contain BPA, which is a food grade environmental protection material. Food grade silicone material has a variety of unique properties. For the stability, except the catalyst added by the silicone manufacturer, it will not conflict with any substance, and the smell of catalyst can be removed according to the secondary fluidization and high temperature baking.


Silicone folding water cup is a good partner for your outdoor travel.

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