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Can I bring a double wall stainless steel water bottle on a plane?

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Can I Bring a Stainless Steel Water Bottle on a Plane?

In China, many people go out to play with a thermos cup, stainless steel water bottle or a double wall stainless steel water bottle so that they can drink warm water or other drinks at any time. This can also prevent from the use of disposable cups as a way to protect our environment. But the cup belongs to the container, so you can't take excessive liquid with you on a plane. So can the stainless steel water bottle be brought to the plane?


If the lightweight stainless steel water bottle is empty, you can take it on board. If you have water in it, you need to pour it out before getting on board. If you have Chinese medicine in it, take a sip in front of the security check and explain the situation. But it's better to have a doctor's prescription.


The food grade stainless steel water bottle belongs to the container, so you can't take excessive liquid with you on the plane. If it's the same size as the water cup we usually use for drinking water, you can take it on board (without consignment), and you can also ask the crew to fill the water cup for you on the plane. If the volume of the leak proof stainless steel water bottle is too large, it needs to go through the consignment formalities. Passengers traveling on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid articles with them, but they can be transported, and their packaging should conform to the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.


Here are some other regulations about the belongings on the plane, especially on the Chinese plane.

1. Passengers traveling on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid articles with them, but they can be transported and packaged in accordance with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.


2. Passengers should carry a small amount of travel cosmetics for their own use. Each kind of cosmetics should be limited to one piece. Its container volume should not exceed 100 ml, and should be placed in an independent bag for bottle opening inspection.


3. Passengers coming from overseas who need to transfer to domestic flights at airports in China should put their duty-free liquid goods into transparent plastic bags with intact and sealed bags and show their shopping vouchers, which can be carried only after being confirmed by security inspection.


4. Passengers accompanied by infants may apply to the airlines for free liquid dairy products when purchasing tickets. Diabetic patients or other patients carry necessary liquid drugs, which are undoubtedly handed over to the crew for safekeeping after safety inspection.


5. Liquid goods purchased in the waiting area can be brought on board. Staff members of duty-free stores and on-board duty-free stores in terminal isolation zones shall be obliged to remind passengers who transfer flights abroad to purchase duty-free liquid goods, and shall provide packaging that meets the requirements. When the staff of duty-free shops and on-board duty-free shops in the waiting area sell duty-free liquid goods, they should take the initiative to inquire whether passengers need to change planes abroad or abroad. For the liquid goods purchased by passengers who need to change planes, they should provide plastic bags that meet the requirements. They should be sealed and handed over to passengers, and printed in English (or hand) as far as possible. It also reminds passengers that plastic bags should be clearly intact during travel, and should not be opened and sealed by themselves, and the boarding pass and liquid goods purchase certificate should be retained for inspection by the relevant personnel at the transfer site.


Now I think you know the answer about whether you can bring the insulated stainless steel drink bottle on the plane. The answer is yes! In order to travel conveniently, we recommend that you hold some knowledge of airport safety. 

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