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History of Coffee Mugs

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History of Coffee Mugs

Coffee dates back to the 11th century with the first mugs made from wood, metal, or animal bones. The invention of ceramics changed the design of coffee cups, allowing for bold colors, intricate designs, and company logos printed on the surface.


Imagine the world without our favorite hot beverages. Building a snowman in the winter wouldn't be as fun without the promise of hot chocolate. A piping hot cup of tea to wind down after a long day wouldn't be the same without porcelain mugs and kettles. Who doesn't remember their first taste of coffee? Hot drinks are part of the best memories, and in turn, the best memories can be preserved on custom mugs!


What's the history of coffee mugs? When was the first coffee mug created? Sit back and relax, pour yourself a hot cup of joe, and get ready to learn the brief history of coffee mugs.


History of Coffee Mugs Timeline

Stay caffeinated and get a full look at the different styles of coffee mugs over the years. From copper mugs to custom diner cups, you'll see how it has evolved over the years.


4500 BCE: Metal mugs were made from gold, silver, bronze, or lead. These cups were dangerous due to lead poisoning, as well as the scalding burns from the metal exterior.

3000 BC: Early humans during the Neolithic era poured their beverages into wooden or metal mugs or even animal skulls. The invention of the pottery wheel allowed for ceramic or clay mugs such as this one, excavated in east-central China.


2400 BCE: People in Britain drank from "beaker pots," which were bell-shaped pieces of pottery. These reflected the Bell-Beaker culture that is rumored to have migrated across Europe.


1200: The evolution of ceramics allowed ancient people to showcase their artistry. With the pottery wheel, new designs and imprints could be created such as the geometric pattern on this clay mug.


1600s: Novelty mugs came onto the scene in the form of puzzles in Europe. These custom mugs had dribble holes and tunnels inside the handle and cup walls, making them difficult to drink from.


1750: Transfer printing emerged as a decoration technique during the Industrial Revolution. This allowed for the mass-production of customized mugs.


1945: The Victor Insulator Company offered a piece of Americana with their simple white diner mugs. These came screen-printed with the name of the eatery and were used throughout the country.


1992: Espresso mugs became available in colors other than white and started featuring a logo for decoration. Illy was the first company to offer decorated espresso mugs such as the one pictured here.


1997: Thermos turned their attention to insulated travel tumblers. These high-quality mugs are the perfect companions for lengthy commutes and groggy mornings.


Mid-2000s: The world continues to think of new ways to change the mug's design.


The History of Coffee Mugs

The discovery of coffee dates back to the 11th century in Ethiopia, but the first mugs were actually discovered long before that in China and Japan. These mugs were made from wood or even animal skulls during the Neolithic Stone Age. There is no evidence as to whether or not early humans drank coffee in these cups, but they still remain some of the first pieces of drinkware on the planet!


As the world advanced, drinkware became available in different materials. Upgrading from the animal bones of the Neolithic Age, mugs were made from gold, silver, bronze, and lead. These cups were almost impossible to drink from because the exterior would get extremely hot when the coffee was poured. That's why you should never touch a metal bowl when it comes out of the microwave!


Your kitchen cabinet is likely full of all kinds of coffee mugs, but there's no beating your favorite one with the custom imprint. When you sip from a classic ceramic mug, every sip tastes that much better in a coffee cup!

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