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How Can Eco Friendly Sippy Cups Stop my Baby from Drooling Excessively?

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How Do I Stop my Baby from Drooling Excessively?

As we all know, babies in early ages are not yet able to freely control their muscle movements, they usually flow a lot of saliva from there mouth unconsciously. Many young parents find it is really a trouble to keep an eye on their babies’ mouth every day and night. To help young parents solve this problem, our company invented a very practicalbaby learning drinking cup, which can effectively train your baby to reduce babies’ drooling time. And because of that the pressure on young mothers will be reduced as well.


The great news is not only the new cup, there are many other methods which can relieve the symptoms of baby's drooling. Here are the details.


1.Use special baby pacifiers

Baby pacifier is a unique type of pacifier which specially designed for training baby's muscles around mouth. When your baby has a lot of drool and it keeps flowing, a professional pacifier can control this situation very well. If parents consciously cultivate the baby’s habit of using baby pacifiers, it will be a good way to train the baby sucking ability. When babies learn to suck well, drooling would be greatly alleviated. However, as baby pacifiers will occupy some space in mouth, long-term use may affect the normal growth of baby's teeth. So it is recommended that the best time of using baby pacifiers is before one year old.


2.Use a straw

Newborn babies usually need a lot of water, so their parents need to help them drink enough water every day. And drinking water is a good time to exercise baby's ability to control his or her mouth. A convenient and useful way to do this is to prepare a straw for your babies and train them actively suck the water out of cup. At the beginning, the baby may not be used to this and might get water everywhere. At this time, parents need to be very patient to guide them. As babies become more adept at using straws, they drool less and less. It is worth mentioning that the baby learning drinking cup made by our company is very practical and convenient with its own drinking straw.


3.Feed the baby solid food

Food supplement is the best way to train baby's swallowing ability. When babies are 4 or 5 months old, their mother can start preparing complementary food for them. In order to let the baby be used to smoothly, complementary food needs to be add bit by bit gradually. From rice-paste to mashed potato to semi-solid food to solid food, the gradual addition of complementary foods can not only helps children be adjust to the adult diet, but also slowly trains their ability to chew and swallow. Thus babies can learn to use their mouth muscles to control drooling.


4.Train your baby to hold his lips more tightly

Lip pressing is also a way to exercise mouth muscle control. But because babies are not yet able to understand what are parents talk about, so parents must use unique methods to help their babies learn to press their lips. For example, they can daub some of baby's favorite foods on his/her lips, and the baby will unconsciously press his/her lips which would exercise the control of his/her mouth. When babies learn to close their lips frequently, they will stop drooling all time.

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