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How Do You Introduce a Straw Sippy Cups to a Baby?

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How Do You Introduce a straw Cup to a Baby?

Straw cup is a kind of water cup made of non-toxic material. It has a straw in the middle. It has good sealing without leakage which is suitable for children and babies to drink water.

Compared with adult water cup, there is a straw in the middle of the best toddler sippy cup, which can make the baby drink water easily. The eco friendly straw sippy cups can help the baby transition smoothly from bottle feeding to water cup feeding, and enhance the baby's hand-mouth coordination ability. When the baby's limb movement ability gradually improves and can take the cup, but can not maintain balance, she/he can use the best transition sippy cup, which gives her/him an independent opportunity. Many first years silicone sippy cup have leak-proof functions, so they are also suitable for children. They are easy to carry when going out, and can also be placed in school bags.


straw Cup Types

According to the material used, it can be divided into:

PP (polypropylene) straw cup and Copolyester (copolyester) straw cup, both of which are food-grade materials, safe and non-toxic. In addition, the straw of the sippy cup water bottle has a silicone straw and plastic straw. The silicone straw is very soft. It is used as the material for pacifier.


straw Cup Usage

straw cups can be used from 6 months of age to children under 10 years of age. Most babies can drink water with a toddler drinking sippy cup in about 6-9 months. It is suggested that babies at this stage should not drink water with a bottle but with a best toddler sippy cup. This can better train their drinking habits and help their growth and development.

How Do You Introduce a Straw Cup to a Baby?

1. Set a good example. One cup with the baby, one cup with you, your role as model and personal demonstration would have strong impression on the baby, then guide the baby how to raise the glass, how to drink water, it is best to use an empty cup as a demonstration from the first beginning.

2. Choose similar shape. At the beginning, choose duck-billed suction cup. Because the shape of duck-billed suction cup is similar to the pacifier, it makes the baby familiar with this material and easy to accept it.

3. Try secret transfer. If the baby is bottle feeding, you can put half of the formula milk powder in the bottle, half in the silicone toddler milk cup, and after the baby's bottle is finished, change the eco friendly straw sippy cups, pay attention to the feeding posture, so that the baby will not have too much reaction.

4. Follow the good lead. Be patient until the baby has mastered the basic usage. At this time, you can put some water in the cup (only water). If the baby shakes and throws the cup excitedly or angrily, it will not let the milk powder and juice in the cup touch the carpet and cushions intimately. Even if the baby can't master the use of the cup for a while, don't worry, at least it's a good toy.

5. Prepare multiple choices. Before you find the most suitable cup for your baby, you'd better try different styles. Find convenient, safe, beautiful and fun toddler drinking sippy cups. It not only makes your baby full of interest, but also achieves the purpose of practice.


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