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How To Choose the Size of Your Protein Shaker Bottle

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How To Choose the Size of Your Protein Shaker Bottle


Many people get confused about how to choose the size of  when they have to choose between the numerous designs of Protein Shaker Bottles Amazon carries. This may be attributed to the fact that they don’t know what to look for in a shaker cup.


This can be challenging if you don’t know the guidelines that help you determine which Shaker Bottle size is best for you.


What size protein shaker do i need?


The protein shaker bottle size depends on the following:

  • What do you want to achieve with it?

  • What recipes are you going to use it for?

  • What is the size of your hand?

  • What amount of protein or smoothie are you looking to drink in a day?

  • Are you pro plastic or stainless steel?


And the list goes on.


The Protein Shaker Bottle Sizing Guide


If you don’t know which size of the protein shaker bottle you need, you can use the sizing guide as a cheat sheet. The guide contains a variety of sizes based on the design and use.


According to BlenderBottle, they include:


The Classic Series: 20oz, 28oz and 32oz


You can choose your desired size based on the quantity of protein shake you plan to have. The Classic series is designed for people who are new to shaker bottles and would like something simple and affordable.


The Pro Series: 22oz, 32oz and 45oz


The protein shaker bottle sold on Amazon also come in the Pro series. This is designed for serious athletes. The bottle sizes matter especially because of the different compartments where you can also store snacks and supplements (protein tablets). The Prostak is available in 22oz, the Pro32 in 32oz and the Pro45 in a whopping 45oz.


Questions to ask before buying protein shaker bottle


Like I said earlier, there are a few questions to ask which will help you in choosing the right size protein shaker bottle. These questions will help you understand the shaker bottle size and design that will be best for you.


Will the bottle be used for water only or whisking proteins shakes?

Will the bottle be used indoors, in the gym or while walking or jogging?

Will the bottle be in used for a few minutes or for long periods?

What recipes will you use with the bottle?

 Protein Shaker Bottle



I hope this guide on how to choose the size of your protein shaker bottle provides you with adequate information needed before purchasing any protein shaker cups sold on Amazon.


However, you also need to consider your needs, including the volume of the ingredients that would be used for your protein shake recipes.

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