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How To Clear The Stickers on The Plastic Water Cup

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How To Clear The Stickers on The Plastic Water Cup

Many friends who buy plastic water cups will worry about the stubborn stickers on the cups. Because it's hard to clean it with your hands or fingernails, leaving a lot of traces. Let's see what we can do!

1. Hair drier

The hair dryer can soften the sticker on the plastic cup. Use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the sticker. When the glue under the sticker softens, it can be torn off directly.

2. Edible oil

Most of the oil is OK but it's better to have olive or vegetable oil. First try in an inconspicuous small area to see if it will leave a stain. If there is no stain, pour or spray a little oil on the paper towel or a clean rag to cover the label area. Then let it stand for a few minutes, take off the cloth, and use your fingers (not nails) or a plastic blade (a plastic knife is OK) to scrape off the residual adhesive. If applicable, the final cleaning can be done with a detergent such as soapy water or window cleaner.

3. Essential oil

Many essential oils can remove the labels left on various substances, including those on glass or ceramics. However, it should be noted that some essential oils will permanently stain or stain the surface. Apply a few drops of essential oil to a clean cloth. Then wipe the residual adhesive, back and forth, and then clean it.

4. Citrus special detergent

This kind of cleaner contains citric acid, which can be used according to the instructions on the package. Usually spray some detergent on the affected area, and then wait a few minutes to wipe it off.

5. Alcohol

Spray a little alcohol on a paper towel or clean rag, cover with glue, and let the stain absorb alcohol for a few minutes. Then take off the paper towel or rag, and use your fingers or plastic scraper to remove the residual glue soaked with alcohol. Be careful not to use any sweet or flavored alcohol, as the sugar will bring more viscosity.

6. Vinegar

Apply a layer of vinegar to the sticker on the cup, let it soak for a while, and then wash it off.

I hope the above methods can help you!


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