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How a Ceramic Mug is Made?

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How a Ceramic Mug is Made

Ceramic mug is widely used in our daily life. How are ceramic mugs made? Come and get ready to learn all about the process of creating ceramic mugs.


What Are the Steps in Making a Ceramic Mug?

When it comes to choosing your coffee mugs, you have a wide variety of materials available. From brass Moscow Mules to personalized glass mugs, you're not limited to one particular style. Even though you have endless options, there's something timeless about a classic ceramic mug.


• Step One: Milling

• Step Two: Molding

• Step Three: Applying the Handle

• Step Four: Detailing

• Step Five: Glazing

• Step Six: Firing in a Kiln

• Step Seven: Ready for Your Coffee!


Then we break down each step into its finest details!



To begin the process of creating your custom ceramic mugs, raw material is fed into a grinder and crushed into clay powder. The powder is added into a mixer with quartz, feldspar, and water for 15 hours. From there, it's fed into molding tubes, cast into long clay mugs, and voila, you're left with a beautiful promotional product to call your own!

 Creating Ceramic Mug


These clay logs are cut into portions, placed into a single use mold, and formed into the shape of a custom mug. Once the mold is dry, the mug is removed by hand to prepare for the next step.

Creating Ceramic Mug


Handle Application

At this point, the handles have already gone through the first two steps and just need to be attached. They are dipped into a mixture of clay and water called Slip, which acts as an adhesive binding the handle to the mug.

 Creating Ceramic Mug


A technician removes any excess clay or rough edges, rinses off any dust or debris, and gives the ceramic mugs a smooth finish.

Creating Ceramic Mug



The mugs are ready to receive their color and trademark ceramic glaze. Every coffee cup is hand-painted to ensure quality coating. After the mug is painted, it is set aside for 12 hours to dry.

 Creating Ceramic Mug


When the mugs are dry, they are ready to go into the oven or kiln. Rows of mugs are put onto a conveyor belt and into a standard temperature of 2,200º F. The coffee mugs are then complete and ready to be used!

Creating Ceramic Mug


Adding Your Design

Of course, your ceramic mugs don't come out of the kiln with your design already printed. There is one final step when it comes to creating custom coffee mugs. This involves screen printing your logo or design onto the ceramic mug. Screen printing is the process of forcing ink through a screen to create a picture or pattern. Your promotional mug isn't complete until it goes through the oven one last time to get your custom logo printed on the surface.

The blank mugs are shipped from the manufacturer to be printed. This is when your custom logo finds its way onto the ceramic mug. There are additional methods for getting your design onto the custom coffee mugs, ranging from decal transfers to digital printing and pad printing.


The Value of Custom Coffee Mugs

It may seem like a lot to get your logo coffee mugs created from scratch. However, it's worth noting they are one of the most effective promotional products on the market. Not only does the material cost as little as $5, ceramic coffee cups are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This provides a lot of versatility when it comes to promoting your company or event.


We love ceramic mugs for many reasons. From hot cocoa to tea, logo coffee cups are practical pieces of drinkware to have in every kitchen. Ceramic mugs start as small bits of clay and are eventually molded into the custom logo coffee mugs we use every morning. It's worth every step in creating a logo mug that will last a lifetime!

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