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How to Choose High-quality Crystal Glasses

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How to Choose High-quality Crystal Glasses

People are very particular about the selection of wine cups, especially in high-end restaurants or grand occasions. The favorite choice is still the professional crystal glass. Because the raw material of crystal glass is artificial crystal, the texture is fine and crystal clear, which is most suitable for appreciating the color of wine.

 Crystal Glass Cup

High quality crystal cup

There are two kinds of crystal glass: handmade and made by machine blowing. Although the appearance of the glass is similar to that of the ordinary glass, the whole body is simple without decorative patterns. However, the crystal glass is more transparent with crystal clear texture and excellent purity. It is elegant and light, smooth and moist, round and thin. On the one hand, it has a great sense of beauty and touch. On the other hand, it can make the wine fully contact with the air. The temperature, concentration, harmony, evenness and richness are all perfectly displayed. It can make the wine taster completely observe the color, clarity, bubbles and gradients of the wine


Identify handmade crystal cups

Compared with the handmade cup, the machine cup is not delicate enough in the radian. If you touch the foot of the machine cup with your fingers, you can feel a thin seam running straight from top to bottom. Of course, the simplest way to distinguish is to compare the price. Of course, the expensive one is the handmade cup, and the cheaper one is the machine cup.


How to choose crystal cup

The crystal wine glass with excellent materials is pure, smooth and crystal clear, and there is no gas-liquid inclusion with star point, cloud and flocculent distribution. A well-made crystal wine glass is exquisite, which can not only fully show the shape, style, symmetry and other external beauty of crystal products, but also maximize the internal beauty of crystal. In the process of crystal wine glass processing, it needs to be polished with steel sand. The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal wine glass. Rough manufacturing will make the crystal surface have the trace of friction.

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