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How to Choose Plastic Cup

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How to Choose Plastic Cup

At present, there are various kinds of plastic water cups on the market, and the quality is also uneven. As we all know, the use of poor quality water cup is very harmful to the body, the following is to share the correct way to choose a safe plastic drinking cup.


Plastic Water Cup

1. Select according to material

According to the material, the material of the plastic cup will be marked on the label at the bottom of the cup. When we choose the cup, we should choose the material of silicone resin, but the price of this plastic cup is generally higher.


2. Observe the water cup certificate

Observe the cup certificate formal manufacturers production of cups have certificate of qualification, and in the certificate above will be marked with the production license sign, that is, we often say "QS" sign, if there is no logo can not buy, quality is not guaranteed.


3. Observe the number at the bottom of the cup

Generally, the bottom of plastic products are clearly marked with a number. It's safe to use the number 5 or 7 as a water cup. 5 is PP with a melting point as high as 167 ℃. It's the only plastic product that can be put into the microwave oven and can be reused after careful cleaning. 7 is PC other kinds, common kettle, space cup, milk bottle, etc. But this kind of water cup is not well designed, it is easy to release toxic substance bisphenol A after heating, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, it is safer to choose a water cup with No. 5 at the bottom.

 Plastic Water Cup

4. Smell the cup

Open the lid of the cup and smell if the cup has any smell. If there is any smell, it is not recommended to buy the cup, because the plastic cup is a fake product.


5. Select according to capacity

According to the capacity of the choice to buy a cup should consider the capacity of the problem, there are a lot of plastic cup capacity grade, according to their daily drinking water to decide the capacity of the cup.


6. Check the tightness

You can add 1/3 cup of boiling water into the sealed cup, twist the lid and shake it slightly. If you hear the sound of air leakage and water splashing out, it means that the sealing of the cup is not good.


Plastic Water Cup

7. Look at elasticity

Look at the elasticity of the high-quality plastic cup should have a certain elasticity, can use the hand to squeeze the cup, the cup should have a slight deformation, but not excessive deformation, such a cup is stronger against falling.

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