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How to Choose the Perfect Personalised Reusable Coffee Cup?

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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Cups?

In the purchase of coffee cups, according to personal preferences and the type of coffee. People would usually choose the appropriate coffee cup for different occasions. Due to the personal preference and changeable occasion, so if you're about to choose the perfect coffee cups, you may want to consider this guide in choosing the best coffee cup.  



1. Size Matters

Small coffee cup (50ml ~ 80ml)

Small coffee cup are mostly used to hold strong Italian coffee or single-origin coffee, such as Italian espresso. Even though you drink all, you can still feel the aftertaste. That lingering mellow aftertaste and warm temperature can warm your heart. A cappuccino coffee cup with milk foam, on the other hand, is slightly larger than an espresso cup, with a wide rim that shows off the beautiful foam.


Medium coffee cup (120ml ~ 140ml)

Regular coffee cup are the best choice for people who would like black coffee. There is enough space in the regular coffee cup which is  adjustable and simple freedom, just like the United States.


Coffee Mug (300+ ml)

If you are latte or American mocha lover, you had better choose the mug. Only if you use this versatile mug that sweet and varied taste can be contained in it. The Romantic French tend to use a large bowl of milk coffee, rendering the mood of a whole morning.



How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Cups?

2. Material Matters

For coffee cups, some people like to use strong, masculine roasted coffee (such as at work) in earthen cups with a strong texture.


Porcelain Cup

But some people are inclined to use porcelain cup to explain the subtlety and richness of coffee. Bone china, which is made of fine china clay mixed with high quality animal bone powder, is light in texture, soft in color and super thermal insulation, which can keep the warmth of coffee in the cup. The 25% bone powder of bone china cups are beautiful and useful, but they are also expensive and rarely used by the average family. They are popular only in fancy coffee houses or in the upper classes such as the gentry. If necessary, find a bone china cup in the store. If you shine it in the light, it will have a light yellow color and a light metallic sound when you tap it. What if you are unable to find bone china cups, then you can consider about the stainless steel coffee cup, glass coffee cup and plastic coffee cup.



How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Cups?

3. Color Matters

The color of coffee should be clear and amber. So in order to express such characteristic of coffee, it is best to use the cup with white inner wall. Some manufacturers ignore this problem and paint the inside of the coffee cup with various colors and delicate patterns. It was obviously a way to show off their craftsmanship, but it was totally unnecessary, cause people would be unable to tell the difference between good and bad coffee.


Hope all of you find your perfect coffee cups according to the tips mentioned above. 

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