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How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea?

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How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea?

Milk tea, called Chai in Hindi, is pronounced from Cantonese. According to Chinese tea, it is a fermented black tea. Unlike traditional Chinese black tea, it is chopped during processing and added with sugar during drinking.


The Origin of Hong Kong Milk Tea

It is said that the British learn to drink Chinese tea with milk and sugar, or lemon, because of the light taste, known as "Western Tea." It has been transformed into a world-famous Hong Kong-style milk tea by the tea restaurant. Hong Kong-style milk tea is sweet and bitter after the entrance. It is full of rich tea fragrance. Hong Kong-style milk tea is a must-have drink in Hong Kong. It has been popular for more than 100 years.


How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea?

Hong Kong Milk Tea Features

The words "tea should be strong enough, milk should be strong enough, the entrance should be silky and smooth, and the taste of butter should be strong enough to coagulate a layer of coffee-colored milk clothes. The taste of milk can not hide the taste of tea."


One important reason why "Hong Kong Milk Tea" has gained a reputation is the raw materials. Thanks to the unique advantages of Hong Kong and free trade, black tea in Hong Kong-style milk tea is imported from Sri Lanka in large quantities. Sri Lanka's unique rainy subtropical climate makes its black tea fragrant.


The Hong Kong-style milk tea in the tea restaurant is made up of blended black tea, together with the fragrance and smoothness brought by many times of pulling tea, and matched with the fragrance of three flowers of light milk. A cup of tea with rich, milky and bitter flavor is my favorite.


Generally, Hong Kong-style milk tea needs tea-drawing tools, and the process is complex. It is obviously troublesome at home. Black tea bags and milk are used here to make milk tea that tastes similar to Hong Kong milk tea. It's not as delicious as a tea restaurant, but it's quite delicious. You can also use your own tea cup!


How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea?

Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe

Servings: 1

Sweetness: slightly sweet


2g *4 package Ceylon black tea bag

(can be replaced by self-filtered 10g tea)

200 ml pure milk.

200 ml of water for boiling milk tea

15g brown sugar

appropriate amount of water for boiling brown sugar



1. Boil brown sugar water until it melts and becomes thick. In this way, brown sugar can be properly coked, and milk tea is more fragrant.

2. Continue to pour 200 ml water, boil and add black tea bag, then boil for 3 minutes.

3. Continue to add 200 ml pure milk until the milk boils and turn off the fire.

Pay attention to stirring in the middle.

4. Take out the black tea bag and squeeze the milk tea out with a spoon. Don't waste it.

5. Pour in the cup and get a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea. If you don't feel sweet enough, you can add some sugar to regulate it. If you like the ice, you can put it into the fridge.


Get yourself a tea cup and other ingredients if you haven't tried this Hong Kong Milk Tea.

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