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How to Select Personalized Gymnastics Water Bottle?

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How to Select Sports water bottles?

What is a personalized basketball water bottles? As the name implies, it is the water cup used in playing basketball, football or other outdoor activities. Because of its strong durability and portability, it attracts a large number of outdoor enthusiasts. In the recent articles, I will introduce several personalized water bottles. Today, this is article is about collapsible football water bottles.



Collapsible Water Bottle Volume

Collapsible folding water bottle can be flexed and stretched, and can be long or short. It is said that this is a water cup designed by two travel-loving designers after thousands of modifications day and night. It appears in a unique spiral shape of DNA and is believed to capture many people's hearts in science. The most fascinating thing about this water cup is that it can flex and stretch, and it can be used for a long time. It is very flexible and can change the size of the water cup freely according to the demand.


When water needs to be filled, the two ends of the water cup are stretched separately, and the maximum capacity of the water cup is 600 ml when it becomes larger; the water in the cup can be compressed after drinking, and the minimum capacity of the water cup after compression is 300 ml. When the size of the water cup is reduced, it can be put in a pocket or bag. Whether you travel abroad or go outing, it is easy to carry and occupies no space.



Collapsible Water Bottle Usage

If you want to drink ice water in summer, you can make some cold drinks and pour them in to enjoy the cool and comfortable summer. Drinking hot water in winter is not a problem, because it can tolerate 150 degrees of high temperature. But the material of collapsible folding cup water bottle is relatively soft and not insulated. If the water is too hot water, it might easily burn your hands, so hot water temperature is recommended to maintain below 60 degrees.



Collapsible gymnastics water bottle Material

Collapsible volleyball water bottles is made of BPA-free food-grade silica gel. It has good elasticity, is not afraid of bumping and deformation, and is not afraid of falling. Even if there are bear children at home, you can rest assured that you can make it fall boldly. The ability to resist falling is stronger than Nokia. The collapsible basketball water bottles can be stretched millions of times, which means that you can stretch N times without damaging the cup. It can also help you relieve pressure at work and at home.


It will not produce a bad smell, do not think about drinking water will not be harmful substances, harmful to health. With stainless steel cup cap, the sealing is quite good. If the collapsible cycling water bottle is tightened, there will be no leakage.



Collapsible water bottle Cleaning

Many water bottles can only be cleaned by hand such as personalized aluminum water bottles and stainless steel sports water bottle because of their workmanship or material problems, but some of the collapsible water bottle can be cleaned by dishwasher, which almost meets the requirement of lazy people.


Do you think collapsible water bottle is the choice for you?

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