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How to Take Better Instagram Photos?

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How to Take Better Instagram Photos? 

We don't know when taking a beautiful selfie or a high-toned pose became a must-have skill for everyone. And most of these images are based on those Instagram bloggers. So, let us talk about how to take better photos.


How to Take Better Instagram Photos?

Background and Props


Having a clean background is very important for taking a good picture. Bloggers often use grayscale backgrounds that are more tasteful and textured, such as white (most often used), marble, wood, and flannelette blankets. If you're confident in mastering colors, you can try a brighter background. In addition, there will also be some pictures with life scenes as the background. But you need to find the right scene to take a picture of yourself at any time -- such as a bed, a plant, a rooftop, a windowsill, a poolside, a table with coffee mugs and so on.


The Props

Props are an important part of the composition, and an interesting picture is born of them. These props can be flowers (partially fake flowers), magazines, newspapers, handbags, ceramic cups, stationery (colorful pencils, clips).


Color and Composition


Color determines whether the picture can be attractive, or whether it can be liked. Bright colors are a staple element because bright or saturated images are easy to be liked by more people. Additionally, the picture that use the props of the same color can produce the wonderful effect on the vision as well.


The Composition

Composition determines whether a picture is really good or not. Even with all kinds of props, scenes, and even if the color is gorgeous, messy composition will be disliked as well. No matter what styles of compostions, all of them can make people look comfortable at least. And ceramic mugs can be perfect elements in composition.


Light and Filter

The Light

The light is divided into two parts. One part of it is the light in the environment, and it's highly recommended to use the sunlight in bright places. The resulting images are naturally lit and easy to mix colors. By comparison, although the saturation of color of the pictures taken under natural light is not so high, the overall effect and details will be much better.


Light, on the other hand, means that you can take good pictures by using shadows and shadows of plants. For example, you can use the shade of a ceramic cup to create a beautiful picture.


A Filter

Instagram has its own filters and do not underestimate the filters and the color palette. It can be used for almost every image for darkening colors and so on.


After using a filter, a coffee mug can be more attractive because it becomes more colorful.


What to do if You Want to be in the Picture?


Taking pictures of watches and ceramic cups may require your hands come into pictures. At this point the hands should be held naturally high, or flat. If you're worried about monotony of the picture, you can add some colors to your nails. It can be the same color as the product, or it can be more colorful.


Face or Body

You can take pictures in front of a mirror, or with a remote controller, and you can also see more pictures of some loggers with more followers. In addition, the scene is also very important. Street and street signs are good choices.

Also, you can hold a coffee mug under a sign to take a wonderful picture.


The product

The packaging of many products, especially ceramic mugs and some cosmetics, is beautiful enough to take a picture. In addition, some gift boxes containing lipsticks or coffee mugs can also be directly used for photography.


We really hope that our words are useful for you. 

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