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How to make personalized ceramic travel mug?

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How to Make ceramic Mug?

ceramic lined stainless steel travel mug is pretty common for people use to drink water. The main components of handmade pottery coffee mugs are Kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, porcelain clay, colorant, blue and white material, lime glaze, lime-alkali glaze, etc. Obviously, it is quite complicated to make double wall ceramic travel mug silicone lid. Thus, in today’s article, I’ll mainly introduce the process of making personalized ceramic coffee mugs.

Firstly, take porcelain stone from the mining area. By water piling fine, wash and remove impurities to precipitate into brick-shaped mud block. Then mix the mud block with water, remove the residue, rub with your hands, or step on with your feet to squeeze out the air in the mud, and make the water in the mud evenly.


Thirdly, the outer shape of the printing die is rotated to cut according to the arc line of the body. The semi-dried blank is overlaid on the die, the outer wall of the body is patted evenly, and then demoulded it.


Fourthly, put the blank on the wheel of the bucket. Turn the wheel with a knife rotary cutting. This is a high technical requirements process making the body properly thick and surface smooth.


How to Make ceramic Mug?

Next, place the formed blanks on a wooden frame to dry.

Then, use a bamboo, bone, or iron tool to cut patterns on dried or semi-dried blanks.


Besides, general round mouth use dip glaze (dip the body into the glaze basin, when the edge of the mouth immediately flush with the glaze) or swing the glaze (inject the glaze into the body to shake, so that the upper and lower sides are evenly glazed, and then quickly pour out the excess glaze) , chisel ware (as opposed to "round ware" , "round ware" means round vessels, such as bowls, plates, plates, plates, etc. , which are shaped by drawing.


After that, kiln firing: the process takes about one day and one night and the temperature is about 1300 °C. Build the kiln door first, then ignite the kiln with pine wood as fuel. Test the fire and grasp the temperature change of the kiln so that you can determine the ceasefire time.


How to Make ceramic Mug?

Last but not least, color glaze: overglaze color such as multi-color, powder color, etc. , is in the glazed surface of fired porcelain painted patterns, fill color, and then be put into the red furnace at a low temperature firing, about 700 °C-800 °C. In addition, the kiln is painted on the fetal body, such as blue and white, such as underglaze red, is known as underglaze red, which is characterized by high-temperature glaze and never fade.


Chinese ceramic art is in the process of development. From the rise of pottery bars in various places several years ago, ceramic art is reaching out to the public as people learn more about pottery. In the development of recent years, the education sector from the quality of education, some areas have been included in the ceramic teaching curriculum, students can experience the process of ceramic art and exercise hands-on ability. So if you are interested in making hand painted ceramic coffee mugs, find a local pottery bar!

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