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What is Enamel Mug?

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What is Enamel cup, Enamel mug

The surface of the metal cup is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze and fired at a high temperature. The enamel coating on the metal surface prevents the metal from rusting, so that the metal does not form an oxide layer on the surface when heated and resists various liquids. Erosion.


Enamel Mug

Enamel Mug Production Step


1. Billet: Take a piece of iron, punch it into a barrel shape by machine, trim the welding rod, and make the blank;

2. glaze slurry: buy some enamel glaze (including bottom glaze, surface glaze), add water, clay according to the formula, after preparation, refining, to prepare glaze slurry;

3. glazing: evenly spread the bottom glaze inside and outside the iron cup, and then dry;

4. the bottom glaze: get a stove, can burn more than 800, burn in the stove for two or three minutes

5. Face glaze: The cup with the bottom glaze is glazed on the top and put in the stove for two minutes.




1. Please wash thoroughly with detergent in warm water before use.

2. Enamel is a fragile item, do not touch it when you use it, or it will lose porcelain.

3. The lead content of the enamel cup should meet the national daily enamel standard before it can be used with confidence.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of enamel mugs?




1. It can be heated by open flame, induction cooker or electric furnace.

2. Beautiful and generous, the color of porcelain glaze is colorful and changeable.

3. Clean, rust-proof, and sanitary.

4. Strong and durable, can not break, will not produce sharp fragments.

5. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance.




1. Do not heat in the microwave oven.

2. Easy to lose porcelain, after the porcelain is exposed, the metal core is easy to rust.

3. If the liquid is stored for a long time, the pigment will dissolve.

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