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Why Does Baby Need Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup?

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Why Does Baby learning drinking cup Matter?

Best eco friendly first sippy cup is used for babies to practice drinking water. It can be used for babies from three to four months, and different volumes can be selected according to different age stages.


Eco friendly transition sippy cup Types

There are many kinds of drinking cups on the market. So it might be difficult to choose the right eco friendly toddler sippy cups at the first beginning. Here are some tips on how to choose a suitable drinking cup for babies.


Material Selection

When choosing t eco friendly the first years sippy cups, it is better to choose imported PP (polypropylene) material, because this material is food-grade, safe without bisphenol A and no harm to the baby. You can look at the instructions of the external packaging of eco friendly sippy cup water bottle, and see if it is marked with imported materials from abroad. Imported PP materials from abroad are more durable than domestic ones. In addition, it depends on whether it can be sterilized by boiling steam. Some drinking cups look good, but they are not PP materials. High temperature disinfection will release harmful gases and bring great harm to baby's health.


Suction Mode

Usually there are two types of suction mode, separate duck-billed and straw-shaped. They are made of silica gel material pacifier, thus it will not hurt the baby's gums.


Duckbill Ratio

It is suitable for younger babies, because the duckbill is closer to the shape of the pacifier. It is easy for babies to suck, and the suction cup is usually larger, suitable for older babies. It is suggested that the duckbill type should be chosen for the transition, and then the straw type should be used after the baby drinks a lot of water.


Having Scales

Not all cups have scales. The scaled cups are more convenient to use, and they can master the amount of water a baby drinks every day.


Having Handles

Learning to drink cups with handles is more conducive to the baby's drinking water while also carrying out small finger grasping training, promoting the development of intelligence.


Inverted Without Leakage

There are many learning cups that do not have the function of inverting without leaking. Babies can easily leak when they drink or when they put the cups outside and carry them outside.


Best eco friendly transition sippy cup Benefits

Learning to drink cups can help the baby transition smoothly from bottle feeding to cup feeding, and can also enhance the baby's hand-mouth coordination ability. When the baby's physical exercise ability gradually improves, will take the cup, but can not maintain balance, you can use the learning cup, give the baby an independent opportunity.


Reduce Baby's Dependence on Bottles

No spill eco friendly sippy cup can reduce the baby's dependence on the baby bottle, and help the baby to better establish the habit of drinking water independently. It is an indispensable part of the baby's transition from the bottle.


Exercise Baby's Coordination Ability

When babies learn to drink from cups, they should not only use their mouths, but also use their hands to hold the cups. There are handles on both sides of the cups. They can grasp the hands of their little fingers. They can exercise the coordination ability of their left and right hands and promote their intellectual development.


Attentions in the Use of Learning Drinking Cup

The best drinking cup for children under 1 years old is without any straw, because babies under 1 years old are used to holding bottles. If there are straws in the drinking cup, it will be difficult to drink the water or milk.

2. If you want your baby to accept the cup, it's better to put something familiar to him, such as breast milk or formula milk.

3. Pay attention to cleaning after use, first remove the straw from the cup cover, and thoroughly clean the outlet on the cup cover.

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